The Marsh Tree is a type of tree, featured in Age of Mythology: The Titans.

Overview Edit

Like other trees featured in the random maps, the Marsh Tree yields 150 wood, and can be chopped down by any Worker unit in two strikes (in one if an Egyptian player has researched Adze of Wepwawet).

They are found exclusively in one map, called Marsh. They are found in the central wetland, whereas Oak Trees are featured in the outskirts of the marsh.

History Edit

"Cypress are deciduous trees with tiny feather-like leaves and small, scaled, ball-shaped fruit. Their tall, straight trunks are very wide at the base and slim at the crown. Cypress roots will grow up into distinctive rounded knobs called "knees," but only when the tree's root system is submerged in water.

Cypress trees are more tolerant to flooding than any other species of tree and, consequently, are commonly found in swamps and wetlands. They prefer a somewhat drier environment, and are surprisingly drought tolerant.

Cypress wood is dense and valued for its tolerance to water, especially the heartwood of the tree, and is used in many outdoor applications.

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Trivia Edit

  • The Marsh Tree's species is known as Taxodium, and is native to Mesoamerica and the bayous of North America. This, combined with the animals featured in Marsh makes it difficult to pinpoint the map's location.
    • It could also probably represent the Chinese swamp cypress, a related tree that is native to subtropical China.

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