A Mapuche settlement
Age of Empires III
ContinentSouth America
Unique UnitsMapuche ironwood clubman
TechnologiesMapuche warrior societies
Champion Mapuche
Mapuche Ad-mapu
Mapuche Tactics
Mapuche Treaty of Quillin
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The Mapuche are a minor civilization in Age of Empires III.


The Mapuche are available as allies on the Araucania map only. Once a Trading Post is built at their camp, a player can recruit Mapuche Ironwood Clubmen and research available upgrades.


Mapuche upgrades focus on increasing an allies gold reserves and anti-building attacks.

Mapuche Ad-mapu (Discovery Age)

  • Reduces unit coin costs by 10%.
  • Cost:250 Wood, 250 Coin

Mapuche Tactics (Discovery Age)

  • Inreases the anti-building attack of all infantry by 50%.
  • Cost: 200 Food, 200 Wood

Mapuche Treaty of Quillan (Discovery Age)

  • Ships a crate of 100 Coin for every two minutes of game time, up to half an hour.
  • Cost: 225 Food, 225 Wood

Mapuche Warrior Societies (Fortress Age)

  • Mapuche attack and HP raised by 25%.
  • Cost: 200 Wood, 150 Coin

Mapuche Champions (Industrial Age)

  • Mapuche attack and hitpoints raised by 40%.
  • Cost: 400 Wood, 300 Coin


  • Mapuche Ad-mapu has been patched, reducing coin costs by 10% instead of 20%.
  • Mapuche tactics is strong for any civilization, however it is especially powerful for:
  • All native tribes can only be upgraded to Legendary/Exalted status at the Town Center or Capitol, they can be upgraded to Elite/Disciplined or Champion/Honored for free through some Home City shipments.
  • Civilizations can remove the upgrade gold costs, or cut the upgrade costs in half depending on their home city cards.

History Edit

"The Mapuche lived in the modern-day countries of Argentina and Chile and were among that region's first settlers. Hunting, gathering, and small farm plots where they cultivated crops such as potatoes provided most of their food. The Mapuche typically lived in small, widespread communities oriented around family units. Their homes, known as rukas, were wooden huts with thatched roofs. In times of war, the Mapuche would band together for protection in larger groups and choose a “toqui” as leader.

The relative stability the Mapuche lived in for centuries was shattered by the encroach of the Spanish during the sixteenth century. The Spanish believed they could easily conquer the Mapuche and their lands. They were mistaken.

The Mapuche were fierce warriors, skilled with the hand axe, and consistently battled back the Spanish. After more than a century of warfare, the Spanish admitted defeat and signed a treaty granting the Mapuche rights to their own lands.

In-game dialogueEdit

They speak Mapudungun, an isolated language which means it is unrelated to any language.

kümel alright (move)
chem? "what?"
yafün strength (attack)


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