Making Amends
Making Amends
Scenario information
Game The Titans
Campaign The New Atlantis
Civilization Atlanteans, Gaia
Color Blue
Course of campaign
Scenario no. 10
Previous Rampage
Next Atlantis Betrayed
Making Amends is the tenth scenario of The New Atlantis campaign in Age of Mythology: The Titans. The main objective is defeat Prometheus.

Summary Edit

The heroes return to Sikyos and although Krios’ army have left it in ruin, Amanra notices some plants are still growing near a Temple. Arkantos arrives to explain that weakening the Olympians gave more power to all the Titans, including Gaia who’s not a destructive force. He recommends that they use her power to restore the land, which will weaken Prometheus who is still terrorizing the area.

Objectives Edit

  1. Spread Gaia’s Lush over the burnt terrain around four Settlements to weaken the Titan.
  2. Lush two more Settlement areas by constructing buildings on the blackened terrain.
  3. Destroy the Titan.

Players Edit

Player Edit

  • Kastor (Gaia) – Begins in the Heroic Age with Amanra, Ajax, Kastor and five Citizen heroes. A Temple is the only building already constructed.

Neutral Edit

  • Ruins of Sikyos (Zeus) – Consists solely of a few Fortified Walls scattered around the map that are all that remains of the once mighty city.

Enemies Edit

  • Prometheus (Oranos) – Consists of the Titan circling the map and any Prometheans it creates.
  • Promethean Servants (Oranos) – Their small city is located northeast of the player’s starting position. They will regularly attack the player with small armies funded by the abundant resources available to them.

Strategy Edit

This guide is applied to hard difficulty. It is, of course, also applicable for the other grades of difficulty.

Setting up defenses Edit

One Citizen Hero should build a Town Center on the Settlement near the starting position while the others begin gathering resources. Hunting the local wildlife will be necessary train more Citizens. Once there are no more animals available, several Citizens will need to be tasked to farming. There are not many trees available to cut down but players can trade excess Food for Gold to buy Wood. Two uses of Gaia’s Forest God Power should be saved to seal the pass that leads to the Promethean Servants. This will force them to take a lengthy detour every time they want to attack. Players may build a couple of Towers behind the trees, not only to slightly damage the armies that will stumble upon this dead end, but also to fend off any Citizens that will attempt to cut down the trees. An Economic Guild will be needed to research economic technologies made cheaper by Gaia’s bonuses.

At the same time, Spider Lair must be cast in the narrow gaps between the walls of Sikyos that connect the starting area with Prometheus’ patrol route. The first groups of enemy soldiers that are forced to pass through will have their numbered reduced by the spiders, making the beginning of the scenario easier. While Amanra, Ajax and Kastor stand guard near those eggs, two Barracks should be built to mass-produce Arcus, supplemented with a handful of Murmillo. The Promethean Servants will mostly attack with Murmillo, Turma and Cheiroballista and the Prometheans created by Prometheus have low Pierce Armor. As long as the player converts some the Arcus into heroes, this combination of units will be enough to withstand the attacks. Researching Horns of Consecration will be needed to increase the Favor income needed to afford this. Once this defense has been established, players can focus on their economy in preparation to advance to the Mythic Age.

Defeating the Promethean Servants Edit

Worshiping Hekate will be necessary to defeat the Promethean Servants, which can be done without even setting foot in their town. Players must first research Manors and Architects to strengthen their buildings. Once this is complete and the next Promethean Servant army leaves its town unattended, players can cast Tartarian Gate in their area. The gate must be placed just outside the range of their Town Center’s arrows but close enough for the Tartarian Spawns to take interest in attacking it. The enemy will make attempts to damage the gate but its defensive stats will have increased considerably and any HP it loses will be restored thanks to Gaia’s bonuses. The Promethean Servants will not create any Destroyers or Fire Siphons, the only units that do sufficient damage to buildings. Simply put, they will eventually be overwhelmed by the Tartarian Spawns and any of their buildings within proximity will be destroyed. All of their attacks will then stop, making the rest of the scenario less stressful.

Restoring the land Edit

Prometheus is constantly patrolling the remaining Settlements where Town Centers will have to be built to spread lush onto the darkened areas. To prevent the Citizens from being attacked while on the Titan’s patrol route, they will need to move from one Settlement to another as quickly as possible, so the Channels technology should be researched. They will also need a strong escort of Arcus Heroes so it is advised to build an Armory and research all the upgrades available, including Mail of Orichalkos. Once Prometheus leaves the darkened area closest to the starting position, players can send this army, along with the campaign heroes, to head straight for it and begin building another Town Center. A small army should stay behind to protect the starting area from the ongoing Promethean attacks. Once the second Town Center is finished, the army should immediately head for the next location going counter-clockwise, making sure that Prometheus has already moved on. This process can be repeated until a total of four areas have been healed. If any Prometheans come to attack the Citizens, the Arcus and campaign heroes should easily deal with them.

Defeating Prometheus Edit

Once four darkened areas have been restored, Prometheus’ stats will have dropped drastically, leaving him with only 4000 hitpoints and lacking the ability to regenerate. This is when the player can send all heroes available to attack him. The campaign heroes, who only do melee damage, should always attack first while the Arcus spread out as much as possible. If Prometheus begins attacking the Arcus, his area of effect damage can easily kill several of them simultaneously. Once Prometheus is defeated, players will be rewarded with victory.

Alternate strategy Edit

More aggressive players may instead attack the Promethean Servants right away using their campaign heroes and by queuing the production of Arcus and Destroyers. If so, the breaches in the Sikyos Walls should be walled off to prevent the Prometheans from entering, the Spider Eggs should be cast in the pass and the Gaia Forests should be solely used to gather resources from them. The Palace needed to train the Destroyers can be built near the pass for additional protection. When attacking, enemy Citizens should be targeted first to stop the enemy from gathering resources, followed by the Mirror Towers and the unit production buildings. Some units should still stand guard in the pass to halt the Promethean attacks. Once their Town Center is destroyed, it can also be claimed and will count towards the number of darkened areas that have been restored. Even better, this will grant the player access to numerous Gold Mines as well a longer trade route for the Market.

Additional tips Edit

  • It should be noted that the penalty of researching Masons and Architect will cause the construction of Town Centers to take more time. This increases the risk that Prometheus will return to a burnt area before the player is finished constructing.
  • Prometheus will never enter the player’s starting position or the Promethean Servant’s town.
  • There is no need to stop Prometheus from attacking any previously built Town Centers. As long as enough lush has grown, the final objective will be reached. They can actually serve to stall the Titan’s patrol.

Closing cinematic Edit

Arkantos applauds the heroes for successfully defeating the lesser Titans. However, he reminds them that Kronos' Servant is still at large and must be stopped. His current location is concluded to be the Atlantean Colony on New Atlantis, so the heroes set sail immediately.