Major Cooper
Name: Major Ryan Cooper
Status: Deceased
Nationality: Flag of the United States American
Religion: Unknown (Likely Christian)
Residence(s): Old West
  • Most likely Texas
Affiliation: Flag of the United States United States of America
    • The Falcon Company
Profession: Major/Colonel
Voiced by: James Horan
Games: Age of Empires III
First game: Age of Empires III
Last game: Age of Empires III

Major Ryan Cooper is a Hero unit in the Age of Empires III campaign. He fought in the War of 1812 and was remembered for his Cavalry. In the Age of Empires III Campaign: Steel, he is assigned to protect Amelia whilst she and her Railroad Workers continue laying tracks towards California. He becomes a good friend of Amelia and they work together to defend an American fort from the invading Mexican army. Amelia is lured into a trap by Pierre Beaumont, though Kanyenke and Cooper arrive to help her. Cooper travels with Amelia until he is attacked by Beaumont and two pet wolves in the Everglades, Florida. He confronts Beaumont to convince him surrender but he was attacked by two White Wolves, Cooper manages to shoot one of them before being mauled and killed by the other. He was buried by Amelia in Florida. He is voiced by James Horan.

History Edit

"A cavalry commander in the U.S. Army, Cooper is a veteran of the frontier and a career military officer. He has tangled with everyone from the Lakota to the Mexican army and has always come out on top. Cooper is everything an officer should be: brave, smart, and certain where his loyalties lie. His only flaw is a touch of overconfidence; he never admits he's made a mistake."

Overview Edit

Major Cooper can train Hussars, but has no special attacks and can't move while training Hussars. If you get a certain card from the Home City, he can be promoted to Colonel and his attack and hit points are increased. Cooper is a very effective infantry unit if handled carefully and has a high amount of hitpoints, very good attack, resists 0.40 damage, and has as much speed as normal infantry. He is, however, weak at fighting Boneguards.