Civilization Tech tree Strategy
Black Army knight
A Knight from the Dreaded Black Army
ForgottenIcon The Forgotten
Architectural StyleEastern European
Unique UnitsMagyar Huszar icon Magyar Huszar
Preferred StrategiesArcher Flush, Scout Flush, Forward Castle Drop, Cavalry Archer Rush, Trash Spamming
TechnologiesCastleAgeUnique Mercenaries
Unique-tech Recurve Bow
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The Wonder of the Magyars, the Hunyad Castle

The Magyars are a Central European civilization featured in the Age of Empires II HD: The Forgotten expansion. They are a cavalry civilization based on Medieval Hungary.

Description Edit

Lead the mighty Black Army over the Hungarian plains and command the fiercest cavalry forces that Europe has ever witnessed in the Middle Ages. The old continent has never been at peace during the Middle Ages, and the Magyars, being the gateway from the Western to the Eastern world surely had their share of epic battles.

Overview Edit

The Magyars are an offensive civilization with great rushing capability. They utilize lots of cheap units in their armies. Their economy is also good as they have all the economic upgrades except for the Stone Shaft Mining and Guilds technologies. Their villagers have the ability to one-shot all wild animals (Wolves, Jaguars, Bears, Crocodiles and Lions), which help out a lot in maps with an abundance of wild animals, and also aid in early-game villager exploration. They are a cavalry civilization and have all the cavalry upgrades, but as Europeans, they do not have access to Camels. Their unique unit is the Magyar Huszar, a cheap cavalry unit with an attack bonus against siege weapons. Their first unique technology, Mercenaries, makes the Magyar Huszar even cheaper by removing their gold cost. Their second unique technology is the Recurve Bow, which increases their Cavalry Archers' range and attack by one. Their siege weapons are also not as proficient as their neighbors, the Slavs, as they lack the Siege Ram, Siege Onager and Bombard Cannon.

Unique Unit: Magyar Huszar (Cheap cavalry unit w/ attack bonus against siege weapons)

Unique Technologies: Recurve Bow (Cavalry archers +1 attack, + 1 range), Mercenaries (Magyar Huszars cost no gold)

Civilization bonuses Edit

  • Forging, Iron Casting, Blast Furnace free (doesn't require Blacksmith)
  • Scout Cavalry, Light Cavalry, Hussar cost -15%
  • Villagers kill wild animals in one strike
  • Team Bonus: Foot archers +2 LOS

Changes in Rise of the Rajas Edit

From patch 5.7, Recurve Bow gives +1 attack and +1 range to Cavalry Archers.

In-game Dialogue Language (Hungarian) Edit

Citizen Dialogue Edit

  • Igen? (Yes?)
  • Szolgálatára (At your service)
  • Parancs? (Command?)
  • Jó napot! (Good day/afternoon)
  • Igenis (Yes, Sir!)
  • Megyek (I'm going)
  • Értettem (Understood)
  • Azonnal (At once)
  • Javítok! (I'm repairing)
  • Fát vágok! (I'm chopping trees)
  • Vadászok! (I'm hunting)
  • Halászok! (I'm fishing)
  • Bányászok! (I'm mining)
  • Gazdálkodok! (I'm farming)
  • Gyűjtögetek! (I'm gathering)
  • Építkezek! (I'm building)

Military Dialogue Edit

  • Parancs? (Command?)
  • Igen? (Yes?)
  • Szolgálatára. (At your service.)
  • Rendben (Okay)
  • Értettem (Understood)
  • Igen, uram! (Yes, sir!)
  • Támadás! (Attack!)
  • Élőre! (Forward!)
  • Roham! (Charge!)

Monk Dialogue Edit

  • Adjon Isten! (Greetings!)
  • Szolgálatára (At your service)
  • Igen? (Yes?)
  • Parancs? (Command?)
  • Azonnal (At once)
  • Megyek (I'm going)
  • Értettem (Understood)
  • Igenis (Yes, Sir!)

King Dialogue Edit

  • Mit szeretnél? (What do you need?)
  • Tessék? (What?)
  • Hozzám szólsz? (Are you talking to me?)
  • Mért zavarsz? (Why do you disturb me?)
  • Lehet róla szó (We'll consider it)
  • Ám legyen (So be it)
  • Majd meglátjuk (We'll see)
  • Megteszem, amit kérsz. (I'll do what you've asked)

AI Player Names Edit

  • Bajnok Bela - Also known as King Bela I or Bela the Champion, King of Hungary from 1060-1063
  • Feher Andras - Known as Andrew I of Hungary or Andrew the White. King of Hungary from 1046-1060
  • Istvan I - Known as King or Saint Stephen I, founder of the Hungarian Kingdom and the first king of Hungary. Patronized as Saint in Hungary, reigned from 1001-1038.
  • Kalman I - Also known as King Coloman the Learned. Also nicknamed as the Book-Lover or the Bookish. Reigned from 1095-1116. He conquered Croatia and defeated its last native king, Petar Svacic.
  • Karoly Robert - King Charles I, also known as Charles Robert or in Hungarian Karoly Robert. He was the first king from the Anjou dynasty. Reigned from 1308-1342.
  • Laszlo I - King Ladislaus I, also known as Saint Ladislaus or Saint Ladislas. The second son of King Bela I. Reigned from 1077-1095.
  • Matthias Corvinus
  • Nagy Lajos

Trivia Edit

  • Historically, late Medieval Magyar Black Army, organized by King Matthias Corvinus, did include gunpowder units: namely, arquebusiers who stabilized their guns with pavise shields, & Bombard Cannons.

Gallery Edit

Video Overview Edit

Note: The first video is outdated. It provides a general overview of the Magyars, but some of the information is outdated. Please view the second video to receive current information.

Magyars Overview AoE2

Magyars Overview AoE2

Magyars New and Improved (Patch 5

Magyars New and Improved (Patch 5.5)