"Disaster has struck. A Hittite army has marched down the Euphrates River and sacked Babylon. Although your party is isolated among enemies in a marsh area, it is the only hope for extracting revenge. A Hittite force remains in the area and intends to build a new city along the river. Clear your enemies from the marshlands and destroy the Hittite city before it becomes established."

In-game campaign description

Lost is the third scenario of the Voices of Babylon campaign of Age of Empires. The primary goal of the Babylonians (blue) is to defeat the Hittites (brown) at the far east of the map. It was replaced by Vengeance in the Definitive Edition.

Scenario instructions Edit

Starting conditions Edit

Objectives Edit

  • Destroy the Hittites.

Players Edit

Player Edit

  • Babylon(Babylonians): The player starts in the Post-Iron Age with some Composite Bowmen in the southern island, with a Priest.

Enemies Edit

  • Enemy (Greeks): Are only a small group of Bowmen, also followed by a Priest and a Heavy Transport, at the north of the player island.
  • Enemy (Babylonians): This player controls two Catapults and a Villager on a lone island to the west. Ideal for conversion, can otherwise be completely ignored the entire game.
  • Hittites (Assyrians ): The player that must be defeated in order to win the game. They reside on the island to the east.

Strategy Edit

The player starts off in the Post-Iron Age with a Priest and six Composite Bowmen. To the north is an island with a few Bowmen and a Priest of the red Greek team, called Enemy. To the west is an island controlled by the yellow Babylonian team, also called Enemy. The Hittites are to the east.

First, convert the red Priest, and shoot down any bowmen that try to stop the player's forces. The Bowmen will enter a Heavy Transport and come after the player, but are easily defeated. Convert the transport, and head east.

Land on the island, somewhere where the Sentry Towers can't target the player's units. Convert the Hittite Villagers and kill their soldiers. Build a Town Center and start gathering resources, then build a Siege Workshop and train Catapults.

Destroy their towers with Catapults, and destroy or convert every Hittite building to win. Don't bother looking for the other two teams. When the Hittites are dead, the player beats this scenario.

It actually isn't necessary to build a fort or gather any resources. As soon as the player has converted the red team's transport, head to the Hittite island and start attacking them. Composite Bowmen will be enough to deal with the Hittites, as they will only attack with Bowmen and Axemen. These archers will also be able to outshoot the Sentry Towers. It's a good idea to kill the Hittite Villagers before they build new towers. All their Villagers should be eliminated anyway, but it may not be a bad idea to convert a few so that the player can build towers in brown's fort, which will cause all their Villagers to attack the towers, killing all of them. In conclusion, Composite Bowmen combined with towers can easily wipe out the rest of the Hittite fort.

Historical outcome Edit

"Whether the Hittites hoped to settle along the Euphrates is not clear. They apparently withdrew quickly after sacking Babylon and returned to their traditional sphere of influence along the upper reaches of the river. Remnants of the Babylonian army or guerrilla-style warfare may have convinced them to return whence they came."

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