Lord de Graville
Unit info
Type Archer
Introduced in KingsIcon The Age of Kings
Hit points 60
Attack 6 pierce
Attack bonuses +1 vs Ram
Rate of Fire 3.05
Frame delay 5
Range 5
Accuracy 60%
Projectile speed 7
Melee armor 0
Pierce armor 0
Armor classes Archer
Speed 1
Line of Sight 6
Lord de Graville is a foot archer hero who is a representation of Jean de Graville, a master crossbowman who commanded French archers during the Siege of Paris. In Age of Empires II, he can only be found in the fifth scenario of the Joan of Arc campaign and the Scenario Editor. He is represented by an Arbalest with similar attack and range but has its own unit icon and has more hit points. As a hero, he cannot be converted and can regenerate health (since The Conquerors). All technologies and bonuses that benefit archers also benefit him.