Long Serpent
Introduced in Age of Mythology
Culture Norse
Major god OdinIcon Odin
LokiIcon Loki
Minor god NjordIcon Njord
Age HeroicAge Heroic Age
Researched at DockAOMIcon Dock
Research time 45 seconds
Research cost
GoldAOM Gold 200
FavorAOM Favor 25
Effect Longboats +20% attack, -20% crush vulnerability

Long Serpent is a Norse technology in Age of Mythology. It is available to worshipers of Njord and improves Longboats.


  • Longboats +20% damage
  • Longboats -20% crush vulnerability


King Olaf Tryggvason raided England in the late 900s. With the loot he garnered, he constructed the Long Serpent, perhaps the largest Norse ship ever constructed, a vessel supposedly over 120 ft. long that could carry 500 men.

"The ship was a dragon... but this ship was far larger, and more carefully put together in all her parts. The king called this ship the Long Serpent... The Long Serpent had thirty-four benches for rowers. The head and the arched tail were both gilt, and the bulwarks were as high as in sea-going ships. This ship was the best and most costly ship ever made in Norway."
Snorri Sturluson, Heimskringla

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