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Empty Lombardia

Lombardia is a random map in Age of Empires II HD: The Forgotten. It typically exhibits open spaces with clumps of trees, highly varying elevation, and teammates starting clumped together on one side of the map. Often the map has snow on the ground. These are all traits of Northern Italy, the historical area known as Lombardy.

Strategy Edit

Because all players of one team start clustered together on the far sides of the map, Rushes and Sneaks will be limited in their effectiveness. Therefore, Fast Castles and Imperials in tandem with Slings are typical strategies. Due to cramped starting space, the Huns are a wise choice as they do not require Houses which frees up building space for other teammates.

As the game progresses players will be forced into combat over the wood resources in the middle of the map due to the thin wood lines. Another effect of the small wood clumps is the relative ineffectiveness of walling.

The wild animals in Lombardia include the typical huntables, Deer and Wild Boars, and the typical antagonist, Wolves.

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