The Leviathan is a powerful Egyptian naval myth unit in Age of Mythology that is available through the worship of Nephthys.

Special Ability Edit

Can transport up to 15 land units.

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Strategy Edit

This unit serves two different functions. First as a powerful addition to the Egyptian navy thanks to its huge amount of HP, good pierce armor, and a high attack. It is an effective "meat shield" for arrow and siege ships and can easily be brought back to full health with the help of nearby Priests (especially when the latter are upgraded with Nephthys' improvements). When at a disadvantage, the Leviathan must retreat early as it has only average hack armor and speed, leaving it vulnerable to Ramming Ships and Heroes, its main counters. It is also less effective against other Myth Units as it does not deal bonus damage against them.

The Leviathan's other function is as a transport. Its high stats make it very difficult to destroy so it is better than transport ships for protecting powerful units. Also, it is immune to Zeus' Bolt god power meaning there is less risk to attack players who worship him. Although it doesn't carry as many units as an upgraded Transport Ship, players can maximize the Leviathan's potential by training Siege Towers and garrison units within them. The towers in turn can enter the Leviathan.

Mythology Edit

Scientific name -- Borborodaes megas
Size -- 50'+ long. Rumored to attain miles in length.
Diet -- benthic crustaceans and mollusks

The word "Leviathan" ("twisted animal" in Hebrew) has been adopted to mean any gigantic monster, but was perhaps originally cited in the Bible and described in great detail. The leviathan was a fire-breathing creature that boiled the ocean when it swam near the surface. Its skin was covered with heavy armored plates like shields, and its belly was encrusted with broken pottery.

There is speculation that the word is a corruption of the seven-headed serpent "Lotan", a monster from Canaanite legend that was killed by Baal.

Trivia Edit

  • The Leviathan is one of three Judeo-Christian based Myth Units. The other two are the Behemoth and the Golem.
  • The Leviathan has the third highest amount of HP of any trainable Myth Unit, after the Greek Colossus and Norse Mountain Giant.
  • The Leviathan has the lowest speed of all naval Myth Units.
  • The Kraken used to be able use its instant kill attack on the Leviathan. This was concluded to be a glitch as there is no animation for the sinking of this Myth Unit.

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