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A Learicorn

The Learicorn is a strong Cheat Unit in Age of Empires III. It looks like what appears to be a man in a tuxedo riding a unicorn. The unit attacks enemies by hitting them with what appears to be a crowbar. This unit is hidden in the basic tutorial. A player can view the Learicorn in the tutorial by building a Dock, constructing a Caravel, and then transporting a land unit to the northeastern side of the map to make contact with it. A player can also click "Resign" in the Menu options and will be able to view it. It is hostile and extremely strong, and will kill any unit in one hit.

Unlike other cheat units, the Learicorn one of the least durable out of them all; even though it can kill units in 1-3 hits, it only possesses 600 hitpoints. Other units, such as the Tommynator, starts off with 60,000 hitpoints.

It is possible to create the Learicorn in a scenario, by clicking the "replace unit" button under "objects" and selecting Learicorn, when an already-placed unit is selected. Players in a non-regulated match can also spawn the Learicorn by typing in "Don't kick the pitbull".

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