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BrownBear icon
Lazer Bear
Civilization N/A
Age/God N/A
Unit Type Cheat Unit
Cost Free
Population 2
Attack Hack Pierce Crush
- 120 -
Range 8 meters
Hit Points 1120
Armour Hack Pierce Crush
99% 99% 99%
Speed 60 meters/second
Line of Sight 18 meters
Train at Town Center
Train Time 0 seconds

The Lazer Bear is a Cheat Unit available in Age of Mythology and Age of Empires III.

In Age of Mythology, it can be spawned from the Town Center with the cheat "O Canada" and moves above the ground, has a high amount of hit points, and attacks with laser beams.

In Age of Empires III, it fires lasers from its eyes, heals itself after suffering damage, and can be created via the Replace Unit command in the Scenario Editor or the cheat code "o Canada 2005". When spawned in a game (not Scenario Editor) the theme music from Age of Mythology will play.

Special Ability Edit

Regenerates 2.0 HP per second.

God Bonuses Edit

Loki's Lazer Bears can summon random Norse Myth Units in battle, once enough Favor has been earned.

Strategy Edit

The Lazer Bear is arguably the most powerful cheat unit available in Age of Mythology. With its breakneck speed and enormous line of sight, it can scout the entire map within seconds, providing valuable information to the player. It is also the best unit for hit and runs. It can kill almost any unit it encounters in one hit thanks to its high attack and can quickly escape (if it actually needed to) thanks to its speed. But thanks to its high HP, ability to regenerate and near impenetrable armor, it is practically invincible anyway. The closest thing the Lazer Bear has to a weakness is that it is not as effective against buildings as it is against units since it purely deals pierce damage. Loki's Lazer Bears are even more dangerous as they share the Hersir's ability to summon Myth Unit in combat. As they deal massive damage with every hit, they also generate a lot of favor. Consequently the Lazer Bear can summon several Myth Units within seconds, overwhelming the enemy with new threats that are more effective against buildings, such as Fire Giants.

In-Game Information Edit

"Scientific name -- Ursus magnificus cotnami
Size -- 1400 lbs. Utility belt adds an additional 40 lbs. Monkeys are about 12 lbs. each.
Diet -- mostly in the liquid form

From the dark reaches of Canada comes a superhero dedicated to truth, justice and liquid refreshment. Lazar bear is armed with his deadly lazar (TM) vision and a teleportation belt. He also packs a nasty punch. He is never far from his hordes of wicked monkeys. Lazar Bear has been known to occasionally make demands of the world goverments under threat of painful retribution, but most of the time he's a pretty good guy.

Rumors that his upgrade changes his art to a United States cape are least until the Xpack.

History section in Age of Mythology


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