Land Unknown is a random map in Age of Mythology: The Titans.

Overview Edit


Icon for Land Unknown as seen in the random map menu

Similar to The Unknown, Land Unknown is actually a collection of possible maps that will generate terrain and resources at random. However, it only generates maps with little to no water so naval warfare will most likely be nonexistent. Even so, players are advised to dedicate a lot of energy to scouting in the Archaic Age to assess what kind of resources, choke points, etc. are available and in turn plan out their strategy. Surprisingly, Land Unknown is ideal for new players to hone their skills as the maps it generates have no true “gimmicks” and encourage standard gameplay.

Possible Maps Edit

  • A standard Greek map has large oak forests but no cliffs. Fauna found here includes Deer, Wild Boars, and Pigs.
  • A second Greek map where there are only small forests found near each players' main Town Center, but the center of the map supports another gigantic forest.
  • A Norse map similar to Archipelago where teams are on individual islands losely connected by narrow passages.
  • A second Norse map similar to Mediterranean but the central body of water is slightly smaller, similar to Baltic from Age of Empires II.
  • A third Greek map with a sea at the center of an island surrounded by ocean
  • A fourth Greek map with a small hourglass shaped sea at the center of a plain
  • A third Norse map where a ring-shaped island supports a sea at its center which itself hides another island with additional resources
  • A Norse map with a square shaped island where gold is practically non-existent (each player is given a single Gold Mine)
  • An Egyptian map where players are randomly granted one abundant resource (wood, fish etc.) but limited amounts of the others

Gallery Edit

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