La Hire
Unit info
Type Infantry
Introduced in KingsIcon The Age of Kings
Hit points 200
Attack 18 melee
Attack bonuses +3 vs Building
Rate of Fire 2.03
Melee armor 2
Pierce armor 1
Armor classes None
Speed 0.9
Line of Sight 4
La Hire (also known as Étienne de Vignolles, born 1390 - died 11 January 1443) was a French military commander in the Hundred Years' War. He is playable character in two scenarios of the Joan of Arc campaign in Age of Empires II, more so than most other hero characters. There, he is an infantry hero with the appearance of a Champion. As a hero, he cannot be converted and can regenerate health.

Like other infantry, La Hire is affected by all upgrades that affect infantry as well as any other bonuses that affect them.

Appearances Edit

His first appearance is in the scenario The Cleansing of the Loire. La Hire is also available in the final scenario A Perfect Martyr as well as the Scenario Editor. He always refers to himself in the third-person and is portrayed as a brigand-turned-warrior, constantly referring to the fact that he does not have enough blood on his sword (or that it is going dry), or that he needs to kill or break necks.


La Hire as part of Joan's starting army in The Cleansing of the Loire

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