This article is about the the Koreans in Age of Empires II: The Conquerors. For the Koreans in Age of Empires, see Choson.
Civilization Tech Tree Strategy
King sejong statue
The statue of Sejong the Great, the fourth king of the Joseon Dynasty. He was famous for creating the Korean alphabet Hangul as well as encouraging many scientific advancements during his rule.
ConquerorsIcon The Conquerors
Architectural StyleEast Asian
Unique UnitsWarWagonIcon War Wagon
TurtleShipIcon Turtle Ship
Preferred StrategiesTower Rush, Galley Rush, Booming, Fast Castle, Turtling, Forward Castle Drop
TechnologiesCastleAgeUnique Panokseon
Unique-tech Shinkichon
MapsLand & Water
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The Wonder of the Koreans, the Hwangnyong Temple

The Koreans are an East Asian civilization situated on the Korean peninsula featured in Age of Empires II. The Korean civilization is based on Korea during the Joseon Dynasty. Like their predecessors in the original game, they are a defensive civilization using Towers. Also, they utilize and a variety of ranged units such as War Wagons, Onagers and Turtle Ships at sea, hence somewhat a "ranged-unit" civilization.


The Koreans are one of the five civilizations featured in the Conquerors expansion. Historically, they were not as powerful compared to the nearby Chinese realms. However, their tacticians, most notably Admiral Yi Sun-Shin, made important contributions in innovating cutting edge weaponry when conditions were especially dire during the Japanese invasions and frequent raids from Wokou pirates. One of their most recognized innovation was the Hwacha which fires a series of small bolt like rockets. This is represented by a Mangonel with higher range granted by the team bonus and the unique technology. Being able to successfully defend itself despite the numerical disadvantages, they are a defensive civilization similar to the Byzantines, but focuses more toward ranged units. As a result of their innovation and knowledge of gunpowder (which originated from China, though the Koreans had to develop it separately since the Chinese would not share their secrets) the Koreans are one of the few civilizations that have two unique units. The Castle-based unique unit is the War Wagon, a horse-drawn carriage that is essentially a heavily armored cavalry archer. The War Wagon fires a bolt similar to the Galleon. While stronger and better armored than the cavalry archers, they are slower and more expensive. The Dock-based unique unit is the Turtle Ship, an armored and spiked ship which is a heavily armored, short-range artillery ship that is effective against Fire Ships and Demolition Ships. The Turtle Ship is slower than many other ships, but makes up for speed in raw power and durability. A single Turtle Ship can take down a small fleet of ships, while a fleet of them can annihilate a large part of an opponent's navy. The Koreans were also fine stone workers, especially in crafting sculptures and pottery whose highly prized ceramic coated celadon glaze was the finest in the world. To reflect their stone artisanship and defensive capabilities, their villagers mine stone faster. Finally, to keep in touch with their defensive theme, their Watch Towers are automatically upgraded to Guard Towers in the Castle Age and Keeps in the Imperial Age.

Unique Units: War Wagon (heavily armored cavalry archer), Turtle Ship (heavily armored warship)
Unique Technologies: Shinkichon (increased range for Mangonels, Onagers), Panokseon (Turtle Ships move 15% faster)

Civilization bonuses Edit

Changes in The ForgottenEdit

  • Turtle Ships -10% cheaper (180 wood, 180 gold)
  • War Wagon creation time decreased from 25 to 21 seconds
  • War Wagon cost reduced to 110 wood, 60 gold
  • Fortifications (walls, towers, castles) built 33% faster
  • Team Bonus changed: Mangonels & Onagers minimum range reduced.

Changes in African KingdomsEdit

Changes in Rise of the RajasEdit

In-game dialogue language (Korean)Edit

Citizen dialogue Edit

  • Ye? 예? (yes?)
  • Dae-gi 待機 = 대기 (waiting)
  • Jun-bi 準備 = 준비 (ready)
  • Jeo-yo? 저요? (me?)
  • Ye 예 (yes)
  • Keuro-jyo 그러죠 (I will.)
  • Shil-shi 實施 = 실시 (will be done)
  • I-dong 移動 = 이동 (moving)
  • Su-ri-gong 修理工 = 수리공 (repairer)
  • Na-mu-kkun 나무꾼 (woodcutter)
  • Chae-jip-kkun 採集꾼=채집꾼 (food gatherer)
  • Sa-nyang-kkun 사냥꾼 (hunter)
  • Eo-bu 漁夫 = 어부 (fisherman)
  • Gwang-bu 鑛夫 = 광부 (miner)
  • Nong-bu 農夫 = 농부 (farmer)
  • Mok-su 木手 = 목수 (carpenter)

Military dialogue Edit

  • Dae-gi 待機 = 대기 (waiting)
  • Jun-bi 準備 = 준비 (ready)
  • Ye? 예? (yes?)
  • Shil-shi 實施 = 실시 (will be done)
  • Chul-dong 出動 = 출동 (departing)
  • Ye 예 (yes)
  • Jin-gyeok! 進擊 = 진격! (forward!)
  • Dol-gyeok! 突擊 = 돌격! (charge!)
  • Gong-gyeok! 攻擊 = 공격! (attack!)

Monk and King dialogue Edit

  • Mwon-ga 뭔가? (what?)
  • Eung? 응? (yes?) [very informal, maybe like "yeah"]
  • Malhage 말하게 (just tell me [what I should do])
  • Pangamne 반갑네 (nice to meet you)
  • Aranne 알았네 (understood)
  • Keureose 그러세 (as you want)
  • Keureotji 그렇지 (that way, isn't it?)
  • Kagenne 가겠네 (I'm going)

AI Player Names Edit

  • Admiral Chang Bo-ko (장보고/궁복) – A famous admiral from the Later Silla period known as a maritime figure who effectively controlled the Yellow Sea and dominated the trade with Heian Japan, and Tang China for decades
  • Ch'oe Mu-son (최무선) – A Korean scientist/inventor and military commander during the late Goryeo Dynasty and early Joseon Dynasty, best known for allowing Korea to produce gunpowder of their own; lived 1325-1395
  • General Kang Kam-chan (강감찬) – A Korean general from the Goryeo dynasty known for his victories during the Third Goryeo-Khitan War; lived 948-1031
  • General Kwon Yul (권률/권율) – A Korean general and commander-in-chief who led the Korean forces during the Japanese invasion, best known for his victory at the Battle of Haengju; lived 1537-1599
  • General Kyebaek (계백) – A Korean general from the kingdom of Baekje known for his last stand on the Battle of Hwangsaebol; died 660
  • General Taejoyoung (대조영) – A Korean general from the kingdom of Goguryeo who later established the state of Balhae as King Go (고왕); died 719
  • General Ulji Mun-tok (을지문덕) – A Korean military leader from the kingdom of Goguryeo best known for defending Korea from Sui Chinese invasion, and remembered as one of Korea's greatest military heroes
  • Kwanggaeto the Great (광개토태왕) – The nineteenth monarch of the kingdom of Goguryeo best known for bringing the kingdom into a golden age as one of the great powers on East Asia; lived 374-413
  • Yi Song-kye (이성계) – Personal name of Taejo of Joseon, the founder and the first king of the Joseon dynasty; lived 1335-1408
  • Wang Kon (왕건) – Personal name of Taejo of Goryeo, the founder and the first king of the Goryeo dynasty; lived 877-943

Trivia Edit

  • The Koreans are the only Eastern Asian civilization that has two unique units.
  • After The Forgotten expansion was released, the Koreans is the only Eastern Asian civilization that cannot research Bloodlines in the Stable.
  • The Koreans are the only East Asian civilization to get Bombard Cannons.
  • The Tower's range bonus (+2 in total) is a callback to the Koreans' predecessor, the Choson.
  • During the development of The Conquerors expansion, Khmer - along with Tibetans and Koreans - were considered as one of the new factions to represent Far East region. Eventually, the developers picked Koreans because they were impressed with Turtle Ships and attracted by potential sales in South Korea.[1]

Gallery Edit

Video Overview Edit

Koreans Overview AoE2

Koreans Overview AoE2



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