Kilimanjaro is a Random Map in Age of Empires II HD: The African Kingdoms.

"A massive mountain looms in the center, whoever conquers it gains control over the map's key resources."

Description Edit

Players begin in a featureless savannah, with low trees, as in most African maps. There is not much Food in these starting positions, featuring lower-than-average Fruit Bushes and huntables.

To the center of this map lies a lusher forestland, where generous amounts of Wood can be found. Apart from that, there are some substantial Gold and Stone mines inside this area. It is recommended to quickly expand towards the center, in order to exploit these, and deny them from the enemies.

Environment Edit

Trees are typical Acacia Trees, native to most of Africa. Huntables include Zebras and Elephants, while there are also some Goats to be herded. Storks also fly above the landscape.

While the outskirts are a typical savannah, the center is lusher, and also includes some snow in the center of the map. A minor detail, there are scattered ponds throughout the map.

Starting Resources Edit

  • Sheep: x4
  • Boar: x1
  • Deer (patch): x1 (L)
  • Berries (patch): x1 (S)
  • Gold (patch): x2 (S)
  • Stone (patch): x2 (S)
  • Trees: Less
  • Other Notable Features: Resources spawn closer than usual. Tree lines are not dense (spaces in between trees)

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