Khopesh Swordsman Icon
Khopesh Swordsman
Civilization Egyptians
Age/God Classical Age
Unit Type Infantry
Cost 30 Food
30 Gold
Population 2
Attack Hack Pierce Crush
5 - -
Hit Points 65
Armour Hack Pierce Crush
20% 15% 99%
Speed 5.8 feet/second
Line of Sight 16 feet
Train at Barracks
Train Time 8 seconds

The Khopesh Swordsman is an Egyptian Counter-Villager Infantry unit in Age of Mythology: Extended Edition. It was added in the v1.16 patch and the Tale of the Dragon expansion.

Attack Bonuses Edit

  • Villagers: x1.5

Bonuses & Improvements Edit

Specific Edit

General Edit

Strategy Edit

Some may consider the Khopesh Swordsman as being the first "true" Trash Unit in Age of Mythology due to its status as a weak infantry, that is only useful versus Villagers. If one does use them in combat, it is suggested that they be supplemented with Spearmen and/or Axemen.

History Edit

"With up to 24 inches in length, Khopesh is an ancient sword-like weapon with a curved end that comes from ancient Egypt. It is believed to have evolved from battle axes but despite its fierce appearance, the weapon's inside edge at the tip was blunted, thereby enabling the weapon to be used also as a hook or a club. Khopesh may also have served as a ceremonial weapon, in which case none of its edges would be sharpened."

In-game history section


  • Despite the name, the Khopesh Swordsman actually uses a Shortsword
    • The Khopesh's attack animation is not properly animated that, they attack with a punch holding the sword rather than a proper thrust, this is most likely an error with the attachpoint not facing the correct way.


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