The Karni Mata is an Indian Wonder featured in Age of Empires III: The Asian Dynasties. It is built to advance Ages and sends a shipment of all resources upon completion.

Overview Edit

The Karni Mata grants a passive ability called "Keeper of Rats", which boosts all nearby Resource gathering rate by +10% with in a 36 range area.

  • Aging from the Discovery to the Colonial Age grants 200 Food and Wood, and 100 Coin.
  • Advancing from the Colonial to the Fortress Age grants 400 Food, and 300 Wood, and Coin.
  • Advancing from the Fortress to the Industrial Age grants 400 Food, and 500 wood, and Coin.
  • Advancing from the Industrial to the Imperial Age grants 800 of all resources, except for Export.

Abilities Edit

Icon Ability Use
Keeper of the Rats ability Keeper of Rats Boosts all nearby resource gathering rate by +10% with in a 36 range area.

History Edit

"In Hinduism, Karni Mata is an incarnation of Durga, the fourteenth-century warrior-deity often called “the rat goddess.” In the small town of Deshnoke, in the Indian state of Rajasthan, stands a marble temple dedicated to Karni Mata. Built in the nineteenth century, the Karni Mata temple is known less for its architecture than its title of “Temple of Rats,” due to its 200,000-plus rodent inhabitants.

The legend tells that at one point in the life of Karni Mata a child of one of her clansmen died. In an attempt to bring the child back to life, Karni Mata approached Yama, the god of death. Yama explained that the child had already been reincarnated. Defeated, Karni Mata made an agreement with Yama: from that day forward, all of her clansmen would be reborn as rats until they could be born back into the clan.

Since Hinduism views death as but one step in a person’s quest for oneness with the universe, the rats of Karni Mata rats are treated like royalty. Twice a year during the Hindu festival of Navaratri, thousands of pilgrims descend upon the Karni Mata temple to pay their respects to these kabbas, or holy creatures.

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