Jungle Lanes mini map

Jungle Lanes is a special random map introduced in Age of Empires II HD: Rise of the Rajas.  

Overview Edit

Compared to other maps in the expansion, Jungle Lanes has the least amount of aquatic terrain with 1-2 tiny puddles of water on each side of the map. Therefore, the map does not feature amphibious terrain with the puddles too small for Naval Vessels to have any use.

Players start out in the center of the map where the open plateau lies. In team matches, they share either half of the map and are separated from each other by a large cliff that cannot be traversed through.The cliff does separate the entire map and ends in the edges of the thick jungle. The only way to reach the other side of the map would be by crossing through the jungle lanes to cross through the open edges.

Taking control of the edges of the map will prove to be advantageous in the game. Resources will be plentiful in the area and building Castles and Guard Towers in the area will be helpful in fighting off any invaders. Building Walls from where the cliff ends can also prove to be effective and the enemy will have be shut off from raiding the player's settlements.

Similar to the map Holy Line, Relics will be scattered throughout the map although they are found in significantly smaller numbers.

Environment Edit

Players will start out in the central plateau with a wide array of wildlife to hunt. A herd of Water Buffaloes will be pasturing nearby the Town Center providing a useful source of Food. Deer will also be close by the Water Buffalo but will constantly move around and not stay put. Rhinoceroses will be significantly farther away and will be foraging plants near the edges of jungle lanes. This will make them more dangerous to hunt as Villagers will be far away and cannot safely hunt them without a large group.

Stands of Rainforest Trees will be found throughout the map although they are non existent in the central plateau. The majority of trees will be found in large jungles where the lanes cut through, smaller stands of trees will be found on the edges of the map where the lanes lead into.

Stone Mines and Gold Mines also will be found throughout the map although they will not be found in the central plateau just like the rainforest trees. Building Castles and other defensive structures will help protect mining villagers from enemy ambushes.

Box Turtles will be the only aquatic source of food and will be found in small groups in the shallow puddles of water providing a alternative source of food as they wont attack like Rhinoceros.

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