Jungle Islands mini map

A 8 player death match in Jungle Islands

Jungle Islands is a special random map introduced in Age of Empires II HD: Rise of the Rajas. A large portion of the map is covered with shallows and channels. Players will cannot stay in their tiny island for long and must take control of as many islands in the map quickly over to ensure dominance and victory.

Overview Edit

Building a Navy will be a necessity to win in this map due to the much of the channels containing deep pools where land units cannot cross through.

As with the majority of maps featured in the expansion, Jungle Islands features amphibious terrain where both land units and naval vessels may clash.

Players start out in their own small and crammed island near the edges of the map. In team death matches, players will share the islands with their Town Centers extremely close each other. Similar to the map Pacific Islands, each island will have a unique appearance and will form think and snaky edges with sand bars extending deep into the ocean.

There are shallows along the edges of the islands which the land units can cross through, while the deeper pools of water farther in the channels will only be accessible to naval vessels to move across.

Environment Edit

Compared with other maps in the expansion, Jungle Islands lacks animals to hunt and they very scarce in the map. A generous herd of Water Buffaloes are found pasturing the grass nearby the player's starting position. Deer are very rare to find and are found foraging in the deep jungles in the islands. Oddly, Rhinoceroses will not be found in this map making it the only map in the expansion not featuring Rhinoceros to hunt.

Trees are accessible in fair numbers throughout map although the player must take control of multiple islands to exploit their bounty of wood. Thick canopies of Rainforest Trees are found on some islands while others contain very few to none.

Stone Mines and Gold Mines are somewhat scarce in the map and appear on some islands while being absent on others. Building Castles or other defense structures will help insure the safety of Villagers mining from enemy ambushes.

Box Turtles will be swimming very close along the coasts of multiple islands providing a safe source of food and making up the lack of huntable animals. Tuna will be found in the deeper pools of water where Fishing Ships may gather them.

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