Jotunheim in-game

Jotunheim selection, in Random Maps.

Jotunheim is a Random Map in Age of Mythology. It represents Jotunheim, the land of Giants, and one of the Nine Worlds in Norse Mythology.

Overview Edit

Jotunheim world view

Jotunheim complete map.

Mountain passes are the only connections among valleys owned by different teams. - Map description.

This map is a Turtler's dream, as it is completely landlocked and mountainous; valleys are almost completely separated, save one or two mountain passes, thus encouraging the construction of walls to the center of the map, blocking access to foes, while preparing assaults from the safety of a base.

Defensive Castle Drops are also highly recommended, though in later game (when siege weapons appear), they lose their effectiveness.

Excellent Major Gods for this map include Gaia, Shennong and Isis, all boasting reliable defensive and economic advantages. Ra and Isis worshippers have an unfair advantage, thanks to Rocs, who provide the ability to detour mountains, and raid from unpredictable spots.

Environment Edit

A typical Norse map, it includes northern European fauna, such as Boars, Cows and Elks. Wolves also lurk close to herds, ready to attack careless Workers.

The map is snowy, rough, and surrounded by mountains, with barely accessible valleys. Being a cold Norse-themed map, trees featured are Snow Pine Trees.

Other Nine Worlds Edit

  • Alfheim (the land of Light Elves, an eerie forest map)
  • Midgard (the land of Humans, a subarctic island)

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