Jormund Elver
Civilization Norse
Age/God Mythic Age / Tyr
Unit Type Myth Unit
Cost 200 Food
15 Favor
Population 3
Attack Hack Pierce Crush
- 40 -
Range 20 feet
Hit Points 800
Armour Hack Pierce Crush
20% 30% 80%
Speed 6 feet/second
Line of Sight 24 feet
Train at Dock
Train Time 5 seconds

The Jormund Elver is a Mythic Age Naval Myth Unit in Age of Mythology. It is available for the Norse if the player worships Tyr.

God Bonuses and Upgrades Edit

General Edit

Loki reduces Favor cost by 10%.

Strategy Edit

They are somewhat fragile but do a good amount of damage, allowing them to sink enemy ships quickly. They are best used in a support role and should also be in groups. Hammer ships will kill them quickly, so it's good to put some Arrow Ships in front of them as an escort. They are effective at supporting shore parties due to their large attack and decent range, though ranged Heroes are a threat if they are used in this manner.


Scientific name -- Megaherpeton midgardii
Size -- about 60' long (but their father was about 7900 miles long!)
Diet -- whales, large fish

The original Jormundgard, of which these creatures are just the elvers (another word for baby eels), was a monstrous sea serpent and the offspring of Loki and the giant Angrboda. Odin threw the serpent into the seas of Midgard when it was small, but it grew so large that it could surround the earth by biting its own tail. During Ragnarok, Thor was fated to finally slay the serpent, but he would drown in the dying serpent's venom.

Trivia Edit

  • Jormund Elver is the only naval myth unit available to three major gods.
  • Jormund Elver was originally going to be called Jormund Brood, similar to how Fenris Wolf Brood were named.

Gallery Edit

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