The Jiangshi is a Heroic Age myth unit in Age of Mythology: Tale of the Dragon. It is available to the worshipers of Zhong Kui.

Special Abilities Edit

  • Regenerates hit points as it damages enemy units, just like the Norse Troll (1 HP / 4 damage dealt).
  • Has a recharging special slashing-attack which does greater-than-normal damage and recovers hit points faster (1 HP / 1 damage dealt). Recharge: 12 seconds.

Attack Bonuses Edit

  • Myth Unit x3
  • Hero x0.5

Upgrades Edit

Specific Edit

  • LifeDrain Life Drain (Zhong Kui): increases special attack damage by 50%.

Strategy Edit

Jiangshis are fairly strong in combat as a Heroic Age Myth Unit and well suited for buffing the strength of an army. Their armor is fairly low but their ability to steal hit points from their target increases their durability. Players may choose to command their Jiangshi into taking out a couple of enemy units and then direct them into attacking enemy buildings. Interestingly, their ability to steal hit points also works on buildings, meaning they can quickly heal themselves without taking damage themselves and then resume battling enemy units. If the enemy responds, players should make the most of their high speed and have them retreat in a safer area as concentrated attacks, especially from heroes, will quickly take out Jiangshis. Thankfully they are fairly easy to replace as they cost wood, a resource that's easier to obtain than food or gold in the Heroic Age.

Mythology Edit

"Original Name -- Jiangshi
Size -- 6 ft tall
Diet -- The qi of all living creatures

Jiangshi, sometimes called a hopping zombie, was known throughout ancient China as a reanimated corpse that would hunt and seek all living creatures in an attempt to kill them and harvest their qi, loosely translated as "life force".

The nickname hopping zombie was assigned to the phenomenon due to the corpse being too stiff to bend any of its limbs and thus resorting to jumping with arms outstretched.

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Gallery Edit

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