Jian Huang
Jian Huang history potrait
Name: Jian Huang
Status: Deceased
Nationality: Chinese
Religion: Likely Islam, as he is a Hui
Affiliation: Ming Dynasty
Profession: Captain
Voiced by: Bruce Locke
Games: The Asian Dynasties
First game: The Asian Dynasties
Last game: The Asian Dynasties
Captain Jian Huang is the main protagonist of the Chinese campaign in Age of Empires III: The Asian Dynasties. He is voiced by Bruce Locke.

Biography Edit

"In a strange twist of fate, Huang’s upbringing somewhat mirrors that of his naval superior, Admiral Zheng He. Like the admiral, Huang was born into a poor ethnic Hui (Chinese Muslims) family in Yunnan Province, a region of Southwest China. At a young age, he was taken into the household retinue of a wealthy lord. Working as a servant, Huang quickly found favor with his lord and gained reputation as being tenacious but fair.

At the age of twenty, Huang was assigned to the retinue of Zheng He, and was placed in charge of overseeing the loading and preparation of some of the early treasure expeditions between 1413 and 1420. After more than twenty years behind the scenes, Huang was finally promoted to captain in the proposed Sixth Voyage scheduled to depart in 1421.

As one more test of his patience and willingness to make the most of a challenging situation, Huang was given command of a ship in the fleet of Admiral Jinhai, a young, cocky member of the imperial family. Once again, Huang had to muster his patience in order to work with the young admiral. Luckily, Huang has made a career out of finding creative ways to solve difficult problems. From the time they first meet, Huang is suspicious of his commander, a suspicion that proves well founded.

Campaign Edit

Captain Jian Huang was born a Hui (Muslim Chinese), just like the famed Zheng He. Admiral Jinhai, the current emperor's spoiled nephew, looks down on Huang because of his lower rank.

At the start of the campaign, the experienced, muscle-bound sailor Lao Chen is assigned to work with Huang. After defeating Wokou Pirates who terrorize imperial shipyards, Captain Huang, Jinhai, and company sail to Kozhikode (Calicut) in India, where they are betrayed by the Zamorin.

The fleet sails on to the west, but a storm blows their ships to the "New World" (the Yucatán region). After most of the scattered ships and crew are recovered, Admiral Jinhai and some of his crew disappear. Once he rescues some hostages from hostile Aztecs, Huang finds out that Jinhai intends to rule the Aztecs, who recognize the admiral as a god, and sets out to stop him. In the ensuing battle, Jinhai and his mutineers are defeated and killed.

Captain Huang, Chen, and the remaining crew scour the shores to dispose of evidence of their arrival. They then leave the Yucatán shores and never tell anyone about their discovery.

When he collapses, a text box appears near him that says: "I have fallen in the service of the Emperor, as it should be..."