Jade Mines are a source of gold in Age of Mythology: Tale of the Dragon.

They act as unique Gold Mines, solely available on maps with Chinese terrain sets, such as Basin and Deep Jungle. Despite their unique appearance however, they function identically to Gold Mines.

Any worker unit can mine Jade, although Dwarves are the game's most efficient miners. As with Gold Mines, there are small, medium and large Jade Mines, each providing a different amount of Gold; small ones provide 1500, medium ones provide 3000, and large Jade Mines provide 6000 Gold.

History Edit

"Considered the "imperial gem", jade could be found in natural deposits underground or in rivers in the form of pebbles and small boulders. Used for hardstone carving, jade was acquired by ancient civilizations to create both delicately-shaped weapons and decorative objects, among others the mouthpieces of some pipes as it was believed that breathing through jade would bestow longevity upon smokers. Precious white jade attained a higher status-value than silver or gold and served for both utilitarian and ceremonial purposes."

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Trivia Edit

  • With the Jade's inclusion, Age of Mythology becomes the second game, after Age of Empires III to include multiple gatherable minerals, though Jade acts identically to gold, whereas mines in the third game offer different amounts of coin.
  • The reason Jade appears in Chinese maps is the fact that it is one of the most praised stones in Chinese sculpture.
  • Jade Mine's use a modified version of the original Gold Mine texture.

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