Islands is a random map found in Age of Empires, Age of Empires II, and Age of Mythology: The Titans.

Age of Empires Edit

Islands - large

AoEI map, Large Islands version.

There are two versions in the first game, one called Small Islands and another called Large Islands. In both varieties, players start on their own islands, with limited resources, and varying numbers of islets.

The exploitation of islets is much more necessary in Small Islands, due to the extremelly limited space to build, but also due to the fact there are less islets in Large Islands.

Either way, make sure to embark landing parties with Light and Heavy Transports to the enemies' islands as often as possible. Also, focus food production on the sea, but always keep some Villagers farming in the mainland, just in case some Fishing Boats are sunk.

Naval civilizations, such as the Phoenicians have a considerable advantage on this map.

Age of Empires II Edit

AoEII Islands

A 4-player game in Islands, desert version.

Each player starts alone on an island; uninhabited islands may be rich with resources so be prepared to rule the sea.

The Age of Empires II version features an archipelago with large islands, where players begin on their own, not sharing the island with other players. These have varying numbers of herdables, and some huntables, and appear in three different terrain sets; desert, grassland and Mesoamerican jungle, each featuring either temperate forests, palms or tropical jungle. There are also lesser, uninhabited islets, where Gold and Stone deposits may be found.

In order to succeed in this map, the player must be highly aggressive and expansive, with control of the seas being important. Exploit as many islets as possible, while denying their access to the enemy, and embark rushing parties with Transport Ships as often as possible. Unsurprisingly, naval civilizations, such as the Malay and Saracens have an advantage in this map.

Age of Mythology: The Titans Edit


Islands as it appears in Age of Mythology

Each player is on their own island and must transport to reach others. There are also bonus islands that contain resources and perhaps even more Settlements than normal. - Map description.

Players start on their own private island, completely isolated from friend and foe. The starting island provides an additional settlement, two medium Gold Mines, two large gold mines, one Relic and Pigs.

Wild animals, including Deer, Aurochs, and Lions are also present, but the most abundant food source is Fish (the species being Mahi-mahi). Control over the waters is crucial, both to gain control over the best fishing spots, but also to prevent enemies from transporting their armies across. Because water surrounds all sides of the island, Transport Ships can unload at several locations. The are additional smaller islands scattered across the map. These usually support a gold mine and trees but may also provide an additional settlement.

Forests present are composed of Palm Trees, and there is a rare chance for Water Buffalos and Zebras to appear.

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Trivia Edit

  • Islands was introduced in The Titans because Age of Mythology previously lacked a true island map where players were completely isolated.

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