Island Hopping
Island Hopping

The Artifacts are marked with a circle.

Scenario Info
Game EmpiresIcon Age of Empires
Campaign Yamato Empire of the Rising Sun
Civilization Yamato
Color Blue
Course of Campaign
Scenario No. 2
Previous The Assassins
Next Capture

Island Hopping is the second map of the Yamato Empire of the Rising Sun campaign. The Yamato must search the islands and find six Artifacts.

Scenario Instructions Edit

The elimination of the Izumo leader brought a temporary peace to that part of your border, but the Izumo are getting aggressive again. Izumo raiders from islands in the Inland Sea have attacked a number of your coastal villages. They have carried off important treasures from several shrines. You are ordered to attack the Izumo islands and recover the six treasures that they have stolen.

Objectives Edit

Strategy Edit

You start off with a handful of soldiers and siege units, two War Galleys, a Light Transport and a Heavy Transport. The Artifacts are spread across the map, and several of them are guarded. Don't waste your units needlessly, you aren't getting new ones.

For the northern Artifact and the mid-southern Artifact, the plan is simple: send your soldiers to kill the enemy soldiers, take the Artifact, and put it on a Transport so that the Izumo won't take it from you. The south-eastern Artifact is protected by lions, but they will neither attack the Artifact or take it, so as long as it's within your line of sight, you won't have to approach it with any vulnerable units - just move it towards your Transport.

The two western-most Artifacts are found near the large field of shallows, and are basically unguarded. The mid-northern Artifact is close to a large enemy force, but you won't have to fight them - if you have all the other five, you'll win as soon as the sixth one comes under your control.

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