Isis, Hear My Plea is the fourteenth scenario of the Fall of the Trident campaign in Age of Mythology. The main objective is to have Amanra destroy Gargarensis' Migdol Stronghold and reach the prison where the other heroes are being kept.

Summary Edit

Shortly after bringing the first Osiris Piece Box to the center of Osiris’ Kingdom, Amanra leaves the other heroes behind to find Setna. However, they are shortly captured by Kemsyt and his men and taken to an offshore prison. Witnessing the ambush, Amanra makes her way to Isis’ monuments, imploring her blessings. She is soon granted ownership of several myth units and buildings which she can use to raze the enemy Migdol Stronghold as a diversion to reach the harbor.

Objectives Edit

  1. Destroy Gargarensis’ Migdol Stronghold.
  2. Amanra must reach the Transport Ship.
  3. Send Amanra to the Abydos harbor to convert a navy.
  4. Use your navy to break Amanra into the prison.

Players Edit

Neutral Edit

  • Abydos (Isis) – Supplies Amanra with buildings and a Transport Ship to assist her in her quest. Also contains a decorative city on the Amanra's path leading to the Docks. Their docks and navy will also be converted to the player's once Amanra reaches their port.

Enemies Edit

  • Gargarensis (Set) – Occupies a large fortified city atop a plateau, which houses the Migdol Stronghold that must be destroyed. Will regularly attack with large armies made up of Heavy Elephants (later Champion), Siege Towers, Heavy Spearmen and Priests. On Hard and Titan difficulties this player controls a Son of Osiris defending the Migdol.
  • Kemsyt (Set) - owns the large army that will be diverted to the Migdol Stronghold's former location after it is destroyed. Their army consists of some Catapults, Manticores, Wadjets and numerous Spearmen and Priests. On Titan difficulty, this player will have two Sons of Osiris guarding Gargarensis' Temple near the gate leading to the Migdol. Since they are on the Archaic Age with no means of advancement, their Priests should not be a threat.

Strategy Edit

This guide is applied to hard difficulty. It is, of course, also applicable for the other grades of difficulty.

The first task is to queue Laborers into gathering resource, especially Gold which is scarce near the player's starting location. However, there are two large Gold Mines located just southeast of the gates leading to the fortified enemy area near a Monument to the Gods. Laborers sent there will need protection from frequent attacks initiated by the enemy and the area will likely remain as the main battlefield until the player has enough forces to bring down the enemy gates. The player should immediately send the starting army there to secure the Gold Mines. A Migdol Stronghold can also be built near it in case the Laborers should be garrisoned. There is a safer Gold Mine located just west of the player's settlement but can only last for a short amount of time. A Priest can be sent to claim the pigs located in an enclosure north of the starting Citadels. Farms will be needed until the pigs fatten up enough but the ones in Abydos’ city can be taken over rather than spending Gold into growing new ones. Before sending Laborers there, several troops should be sent to kill some enemy Spearmen who will be busy scouting that area.

In the meantime, Amanra must move towards many of Abydos’ buildings in order to convert them to her cause. These will include various Monuments and a Temple. Before sending Amanra to the main battlefield, players should ensure that all monuments are converted to the player. The Favor income in this scenario will be extremely high, so Myth Units will be easy to mass-produce. The first attack may come from at any location but the starting Myth Units and Heroes should be enough to dispose of them. A Pharaoh will shortly spawn and can be used to heal them, then can be tasked to speed up the Laborers gathering rate.

All attacks that follow will come from a southern gate to Gargarensis’ plateau, so players should start with a defensive approach and send units near the Monument by the Temple to stand guard. However, the enemy may occasionally initiate a surprise attack on the player's settlement from the gap near the Temple closest to player, so the area can be walled off to discourage that lingering threat. The player's units will lack upgrades and the player is restricted to the Heroic Age so it would be best to invest in technologies until they are strong enough. Although the Favor income will encourage mass production of Myth Units, Gargarensis will produce many Priests to counter them. Therefore, the player should train many Chariot Archers to protect their Myth Units. Siege Towers and Scarabs are too large and sluggish to make their way through the constant output of enemy units so Sphinxes will need to be trained instead as they move far more quicker. The Petsuchos can attack anything at a great range (they will outrange Towers if improved with the Crocodopolis technology) and so will provide excellent support. The enemy will also produce Slingers and War Elephants. The player already has many Barracks which can be tasked to mass-produce Spearmen to counter both as they deal bonus damage to Cavalry and move fast enough to close-in on Slingers.

Once the player’s army approaches the population limit and fully upgraded, they can simply break through the southern gate and defeat all buildings and units they encounter. The enemy should already be in the Mythic Age by the time the player is ready to bring the offensive to the enemy. Although outranked by Age and technology, the enemy lacks the ability to train Villagers to maintain resource production and constructing new buildings. As long as the player maintains consistent production and output of their own Myth Units, the scenario should be straightforward to complete. After destroying certain buildings, Isis will spawn three Scarabs to assist in breaking down the inner gate. These should not be left unescorted as Gargarensis will quickly retaliate with more units, including a Son of Osiris (three Sons of Osiris in the Titan difficulty). It may take several attempts to push through so the output of the player’s units must exceed the enemy’s. Once the Migdol Stronghold is destroyed, the enemy will fall back, allowing Amanra and some other units to pass through Abydos and garrison inside a waiting Transport Ship (another gate will need to be torn down but now it will be unguarded).

The prison will be heavily protected by ships and naval Myth Units so Amanra must first recruit some Transport Ships, Ramming Galleys, War Barges and a War Turtle (even more ships can be trained from the available docks). The War Barges can be used to defeat a Catapult as well a Guard Tower sitting atop a choke point in the water. The enemy may send Kebenits and a Scylla to attack which the War Turtle and Ramming Gallery can counter. Once they’re defeated, Amanra can be dropped off at the flagged area on the prison island (the waiting Slingers should be no threat). Once Amanra made it within the prison walls, the gates should break down, rewarding the player with victory.

Additional Tips Edit

  • If the Gold Mines run out, the player can build a Market and send Camel Caravans to Abydos’ Town Center.
  • Amanra may try to jump over the walls so it’s best to keep her in the rear of the army, otherwise she may get herself trapped and unable to defend herself.
  • When the player is ready to siege the Migdol Stronghold, they can task the Eclipse God Power to strengthen their Myth Units.

Closing Cinematic Edit

Arkantos and Setna are discussing the fate of Osiris' Priests when Gargarensis arrives to interrogate the Atlantean. When Arkantos hints that it was Poseidon who helped him arrive in Egypt first, the Cyclops mocks him and prepares to strike with his trident. However, Amanra manages to break the other heroes free of their cell, prompting Gargarensis to retreat to Osiris' Pyramid.

Trivia Edit

  • Although Chiron appears in the opening cinematic, he is not seen taken prisoner by Kemsyt but merely disappears. He is however seen with the others in the prison.

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