Ionian Expansion
Ionian Expansion
Scenario Info
Game EmpiresIcon Age of Empires
Campaign Glory of Greece
Civilization Greeks
Color Blue
Course of Campaign
Scenario No. 3
Previous Citadel (Campaign)
Next Trojan War

Ionian Expansion is the third map of the Glory of Greece campaign. The Athenians (Blue) face off against two other Greeks, Ionia (Red) and Lydia (Yellow).

Scenario Instructions Edit

The Athenians have pushed back their neighbors and are one of the stronger palaces in Greece. The crops of Athens are now falling short of the demand for food, however. The city-state is in danger of falling into anarchy if new food sources are not found and if the population is not reduced. The ruling council is embarking on a bold plan to move people overseas to establish colonies. You are directed to establish a foothold on the eastern side of the Aegean Sea by placing a colony in Ionia. The Phrygians think Ionia is their land but they are too weak now to hold it. Establish a colony across the sea by locating the flagged area on the far land mass and building a Government Center within it. Alternatively, take possession of the three Ruins in Asia. Take the initiative now before food reserves are gone or the Phrygians get ideas about colonizing Greece!

Objectives Edit

  • Establish a Government Center on Ionia inside flagged region.


  • Find 3 Ruins.

Strategy Edit

While there's technically two enemies on this map, Lydia only has a few Watch Towers and no units, making Ionia the only real enemy on the map.

You start in the Tool Age, with a few Clubmen and Villagers and some buildings. Build some Fishing Boats to gather Food, and Scout Ships to protect them. No matter which objective you're pursuing, a navy will be an important part. Start gathering food and wood and reach Bronze Age as soon as you can.

In the middle of the map, there's a long island filled with yellow Towers. Just north of there is a series of islands, connected with shallows, with some Gold Mines. A Storage Pit on the largest island and a few Towers to protect your Villagers from Ionian attacks, will allow you to mine gold to create an army.

You know have two ways to finish the map, depending on which objective you want to reach.

If you want to find all the ruins, you'll need to send units to the western, yellow-controlled island. A single Stone Thrower is enough to deal with the Towers, and you'll capture the Ruins. There's another ruin on the same island as your base.

The last one is on the eastern island, at the back of the Red base (incidentally, the same place as the flags you need to build behind, if you're pursuing the other objective instead). Send a few Cavalry units through the enemy base, and you'll win when they capture the Ruins.

If you want to build the Government Center instead, you won't have to take the Lydian island, but taking the Ionian island will take more work. Send over a few Cavalry units, a Stone Thrower or two, and some Villagers. Builld some Stables and a Siege Workshop at the southern end of the island - that way, you won't have to make more trips if your initial army dies. Start destroying the enemy base. When you feel safe, build the Government Center and bask in your victory.

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