Into the Punjab
Into the Punjab

The mission

Scenario Info
Game Age of Empires III: The Asian Dynasties
Campaign Act III: India
Civilization Indians
Color Blue
Course of Campaign

Into the Punjab is the first scenario of Act III: India in Age of Empires III: The Asian Dynasties. It starts off with the cinematic "A spreading Fire", and shows the turmoil and conflict going over the Indian people about the British. It introduces the player to Lieutenant Nanib Sahir, and his struggle to calm down his people from British rule as well as Colonel Edwardson, a British officer who is Nanib's superior officer.

Objectives Edit

  • Fight off and kill the revolting Indian troops
  • Take back the Saltpeter sites and destroy the Castle gaurding them
  • Destroy the enemy settlements

Strategy Edit

Players start out in the Punjab with Nanib, Edwardson, a Town Rickshaw, and a handful of Sepoy. The first objective is to build a Town Center with the Town rickshaw. Once the Town Center is built, a secondary objective of building a Sacred Field is revealed. Shortly after, the primary objective of building Trading Posts over the saltpeter sites is also revealed.
Saltpeters get destroyed

Destroying the Saltpeter sites

It would a wise to use the turtle strategy and to build Castles and Walls along the cliffs and edges of the colony, as there will be constant attacks from the native rebels and they will come in large waves the colony and kill Villagers with ease.

Once the walls and castles are built. The player can fight off the enemy units. The player can also start building their economy, military, and age up.

Once the player reaches close to the Industrial Age, if they amassed a large of army, They can start advancing towards the rebels' land and destroy all the Saltpeter sites. Make no mistake however, this mission is often difficult due to the stiff resistance and military size of the rebel Indians. Large numbers of enemy Sowar and Urumi will often put up a fight and become a threat to the player's infantry.

Gallery Edit

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