Civilization Tech tree Strategy

Camel and Gunpowder civilization

Overview Edit

Civilization bonuses Edit

  • Fishermen work 15% faster and carry +15 food
  • Villagers are 10%/15%/20%/25% cheaper in the Dark/Feudal/Castle/Imperial Age
  • Camels have +1/+1 armor
  • Team bonus: Camels have +6 attack against buildings

Unique units Edit

Unique technologies Edit

Tech tree key Edit

As of patch 5.5, the Indians have access to the following buildings, units, and technologies.

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Red: Buildings

Blue: Units

Green: Technologies

Purple: Unique units

Military Edit

Barracks Edit

Darkage Feudalage Castleage Imperialage
Militiaavailable Manatarmsavailable Longswordsmanavailable Twohandedswordsmanavailable Championavailable
Spearmanavailable Pikemanavailable Halberdieravailable
Eaglescoutunavailable Eaglewarriorunavailable Eliteeaglewarriorunavailable
Trackingavailable Squiresavailable

Archery Range Edit

requires Barracks-logo Barracks

Darkage Feudalage Castleage Imperialage
Archeravailable Crossbowmanavailable Arbalestunavailable
Skirmisheravailable Eliteskirmisheravailable Handcannoneeravailable
Cavalryarcheravailable Heavycavalryarcheravailable
Thumbringavailable Parthiantacticsavailable

Stable Edit

requires Barracks-logo Barracks

Darkage Feudalage Castleage Imperialage
Scoutcavalryavailable Lightcavalryavailable Hussaravailable
Bloodlinesavailable Knightunavailable Cavalierunavailable Paladinunavailable
Camelavailable Heavycamelavailable Imperialcamelavailable
Battleelephantunavailable Elitebattleelephantunavailable

Siege Workshop Edit

requires Blacksmithicon Blacksmith

Darkage Feudalage Castleage Imperialage
Batteringramavailable Cappedramavailable Siegeramunavailable
Mangonelavailable Onageravailable Siegeonagerunavailable
Scorpionavailable Heavyscorpionunavailable
Siegetoweravailable Bombardcannonavailable

Castle Edit

Darkage Feudalage Castleage Imperialage
Elephantarcheravailable Eliteelephantarcheravailable
Petardavailable Trebuchetavailable
Sultansavailable Shatagniavailable

Dock Edit

Dockavailable Fishtrapavailable
Darkage Feudalage Castleage Imperialage
Fishingshipavailable Firegalleyavailable Fireshipavailable Fastfireshipunavailable
Transportshipavailable Tradecogavailable Gillnetsavailable Cannongalleonavailable Elitecannongalleonavailable
Demolitionraftavailable Demolitionshipavailable Heavydemolitionshipavailable
Galleyavailable Wargalleyavailable Galleonavailable
Careeningavailable Drydockavailable

Defensive structures Edit

Darkage Feudalage Castleage Imperialage
Outpostavailable Watchtoweravailable Guardtoweravailable Keepunavailable
Palisadewallavailable Stonewallavailable Fortifiedwallavailable Bombardtowerunavailable
Palisadegateavailable Gateavailable

Research Edit

Monastery Edit

Darkage Feudalage Castleage Imperialage
Monkavailable Faithavailable
Redemptionavailable Illuminationavailable
Atonementunavailable Blockprintingavailable
Herbalmedicineavailable Theocracyavailable

Blacksmith Edit

Darkage Feudalage Castleage Imperialage
Paddedarcherarmoravailable Leatherarcherarmoravailable Ringarcherarmoravailable
Fletchingavailable Bodkinarrowavailable Braceravailable
Forgingavailable Ironcastingavailable Blastfurnaceavailable
Scalebardingarmoravailable Chainbardingarmoravailable Platebardingarmoravailable
Scalemailarmoravailable Chainmailarmoravailable Platemailarmorunavailable

University Edit

Darkage Feudalage Castleage Imperialage
Masonryavailable Architectureunavailable
Fortifiedwallresearchavailable Chemistryavailable Bombardtowerresearchunavailable
Ballisticsavailable Siegeengineersavailable
Guardtowerresearchavailable Keepresearchunavailable
Heatedshotavailable Arrowslitsunavailable

Economy Edit

Town Center Edit

Towncenteravailable Towncenteravailable
Darkage Feudalage Castleage Imperialage
Villageravailable Townwatchavailable Townpatrolavailable
Feudalageavailable Castleageavailable Imperialageavailable
Loomavailable Wheelbarrowavailable Handcartavailable

Mining Camp Edit

Darkage Feudalage Castleage Imperialage
Goldminingavailable Goldshaftminingavailable
Stoneminingavailable Stoneshaftminingavailable

Lumber Camp Edit

Darkage Feudalage Castleage Imperialage
Doublebitaxeavailable Bowsawavailable Twomansawavailable

Mill Edit

Millavailable Farmavailable
Darkage Feudalage Castleage Imperialage
Horsecollaravailable Heavyplowavailable Croprotationunavailable

Market Edit

requires Millicon Mill

Darkage Feudalage Castleage Imperialage
Tradecartavailable Guildsavailable
Cartographyavailable Caravanavailable
Coinageavailable Bankingavailable

Other Edit

Houseavailable Wonderavailable
Darkage Feudalage Castleage Imperialage

Changelog Edit

The Forgotten Edit

  • Villagers are 5%/10%/15%/20% cheaper in the Dark/Feudal/Castle/Imperial Age
  • Cannot research Guilds.
  • Cannot research Ring Archer Armor.
  • Imperial Camels are in an armor class along with ships, and take bonus damage from anti-ship/anti-camel attacks.
  • Elephant Archers cost 110F/80G.
  • The upgrade to Elite Elephant Archer costs 1,200F/800G.
  • Elephant Archers have 250 HP (350 for Elite).
  • Elephant Archers have 4 pierce armor.
  • Can train Arbalests.

African Kingdoms Edit

  • Villagers are now 10%/15%/20%/25% cheaper in the Dark/Feudal/Castle/Imperial Age
  • Guilds added to the technology tree.
  • Ring Archer Armor added to the technology tree.
  • Initially can research Arrowslits. With patch 4.8, it was removed from the technology tree.
  • The ship armor class is removed from the Imperial Camels, and they receive a new armor class, against which they gain an attack bonus of +9.
  • Elephant Archers now cost 100F/80G.
  • The upgrade to Elite Elephant Archer now costs 1,000F/800G.
  • Elephant Archers now have 280 HP (330 for Elite).
  • Elephant Archers now have 3 pierce armor.

Rise of the Rajas Edit

  • Get a new unique architecture style.
  • With patch 5.5, the Arbalest was removed from their technology tree.