"The Hindu god of war will help you seize the land of ivory and cashmere."

Map description

India mini map with eight players

India is a Real World random map introduced in Age of Empires II HD: The African Kingdoms. It depicts Indian subcontinent.

Overview Edit

India is a rather open map with no water or large forests hindering movement. The rivers that spread across the land all have shallow paths. As the large bodies of water are only located at the sides, they can be avoided, but a lot of starting positions are located near them, so building a navy might still be good advise. The uninhabited island of Ceylon in the south holds valuable resources. The Himalayas are not depicted at all, the land is flat in the north.

Environment Edit

The center of the map is grassy with jungle, while the sides are more of a dirty terrain with bloadleaf and pine forests. The wildlife only consists of Elephants, Deer, and Sheep. Except in the starting positions of the players, there is no wildlife at all on the map.

Gallery Edit

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