The Inca Huaminca is a native infantry unit in Age of Empires III. It is trained at Trading Posts built on Inca settlements.

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Huaminca are similar to Pikemen and Holcan Spearmen, serving as anti-light infantry and anti-cavalry infantry with considerable siege damage. However, it has higher melee damage, more resistance, and slightly slower siege rate of fire (4 vs 3 for most) in comparison.

As with most infantry, they are weak against artillery.

Bonuses Edit

  • Incan Chasquis Messengers allows them to be created 25% faster.
  • Incan road-building makes them move 20% faster, for a total of 6.0 speed.

History Edit

"The standing army of the Inca was formed primarily by nobles, but the emperor could raise an army of able-bodied men from the general populace at will. Military discipline was strictly enforced when they troops were on the march and at the range of their various projectile weapons. Once they had loosed their missiles they closed in hand-to-hand fighting. The Inca used a wide variety of weapons: wooden sword-shaped clubs, star-headed maces, slings, spears, a sophisticated halberd, and bolas. They wore cotton armor that breathed well, allowed for free movement, and dissipated the force of blows. Incan spears were sharpened lengths of wood, hardened in fire. Their halberd had a bronze-bladed axe head opposite a hook and crowned by a stabbing point allowing the huaminca a variety of arms and tactics."

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