"The Iberian peninsula, including Spain and Portugal."

Map description

Iberia mini map with eight players

Iberia is a Real World random map in Age of Empires II: The Conquerors. Iberia is located in the south-west of Europe.

Overview Edit

Iberia is a rather open map, with only small forests, little cliffs, and two rivers (the Tagus and the Guadalquivir) dividing the map. Both rivers have shallows multiple shallows. As a peninsula, Iberia is surrounded by water. In the Mediterranean to the east there two islands: Ibiza and Palma, the latter holding a huge stockpile of gold. The African mainland is rather small on the map.

Environment Edit

The European part of the map is of grassy terrain with plenty of forests and typical European wildlife. Plenty of Sheep, Wolves, Wild Boars, and Deer can be found. The map is very rich on gold, and the waters are home to a lot of fish. The African part of the map is a desert with palm forests, but the wildlife is (as the map was introduced in The Conquerors) the same as in the European area.

Gallery Edit

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