I'll Be Back
I'll Be Back
Scenario Info
Game EmpiresIcon Age of Empires
Campaign Glory of Greece
Civilization Greeks
Color Blue
Course of Campaign
Scenario No. 5
Previous Trojan War
Next Siege of Athens

I'll Be Back is the fifth scenario of the Glory of Greece campaign, and the first where you face non-Greek opponents.

The Greeks (Blue) must retreat to allied territory (White, Gaia) through the lands of the Greek Doria (Red) and the Assyrian Ionia (Brown). Afterwards, they must take the battle to the Babylonian Minoa (Yellow).

Scenario Instructions Edit

After helping the Minoans capture a powerful Artifact, you discover that they plan to use it to dominate the world. Led by a group called the "Seven Yellow Old Men", the Minoans plan to kill you and your men! Hopelessly outnumbered, your only chance is to flee. Run like the wind and don't stop until you find allies. Return to Crete and make the Minoans pay. Beware - the Minoans have allies also. Destroy the Temple of the Seven Yellow Old Men and take back the Artifact to hold it safe.

Objectives Edit

  • Capture the Artifact.
  • Destroy the Temple.

Strategy Edit

You start off in the (hostile) Minoan city at the north of the map. The goal of the mission is to run away to the south end of the map, take the army that's waiting there, and go back up north to destroy the Temple and take the Artifact.

Take the Cavalry units you have, and run south-east to the Dock. Don't bother trying to save any infantry or archers, they're too slow. And don't fight anything, there'll be time for that later.

At the Dock, your War Galleys are battling the Minoan ones. You will lose, but that doesn't matter. While that is going on, take the Light Transports and send your cavalry across to the other side.

Now, ride south. If you come across a Watch Tower, ride on. If you see a Ballista, destroy it. Soon, you'll reach another Light Transport. Once your cavalry reach the land to the far south, you'll gain ownership of a large fighting force: Heavy Cavalry, Long Swordsmen, Composite Bowmen, Horse Archers, Elephant Archers, Priests, Ballistas, and Catapults.

You'll also have a few War Galleys, which are useless in this river, and a few Heavy Transports, which will make it easier to ship your army across.

There's two paths to take here. Going to the northwest will eventually lead you to three Heavy Transports, which will make crossing the river easier, but you'll be going slowly through unfamiliar territory. Going northeast will take you through land you've already scouted, but will lead to two the same two Light Transports, so crossing the river will take more time. The second option might be better, unless the Transports were sunk after you used them, in which case going northwest is your only option.

Destroy the Watch Towers with the Catapults, and use Heavy Cavalry on units, as you move north. Keep your Priests nearby, and heal when necessary. Keep your Ballistas at the front when you reach the river, and if any warships come too close to your transports, sink them with the Ballistas. Once you've crossed the river, use the Elephant Archers and Horse Archers to kill the infantry and archers, and the Catapults on Towers as you move northwest through the city.

Watch out for the Priests; they'll try to convert your units. Shoot them down. Once you've destroyed the Temple at the far north of the map, send a few units forward to capture the Artifact.

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