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Hunting wild animals is an early means of gathering food throughout the Age series.

All Age of Empires III huntables.

Wild animals come in all shapes and sizes, including deer, elephants and wolves (see below for the full lists), and can be found alone or in groups all over most maps. Some animals just flee when hunted, while others will fight back and others will hunt any villagers that come near them.

Food quantity depends on the type of animal; for example, elephants provide much more food than deer, although they are much harder to hunt.

After a huntable animal is killed the quantity of food it provides slowly decreases, simulating decay. In Age of Empires III, hunted food rots away at 0.76 food per second. Hunting is finite; as soon as the last animal is killed, there is no more hunting to be done.

Strategy Edit


Africans eating an Ostrich in The African Kingdoms

Hunting is very attractive in the early game as it requires few resources to set up and its gather rate is faster than that of all other methods of obtaining food. Additionally, as it involves having villagers roving across the map, it is normally best to get hunting out of the way before there are standing armies around.

Players should not send military units to assist villagers in hunting. If they do, the prey dies without leaving any meat.

Huntable Animals Edit

Age of Empires Edit

Age of Empires II Edit

Age of Empires III Edit

Age of Mythology Edit

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