Civilization Tech Tree Strategy

The Huns are purely an offensive civilization. Like the Goths they are great at rushing, though the Huns focus on cavalry instead of infantry.



Tarkans excels in razing buildings, making them a good raiding unit.

Since they don't need to build houses they are great at rushing since the resources and time spent on houses can be diverted to building an army. Their unique unit, the Tarkan, is fast and relatively tough cavalry unit that is great at destroying buildings and archers, making them effective raiders. They have effective cavalry since in addition to Tarkans they can build Paladins for heavy duty combat and Cavalry Archers for quick ranged support. Cavalry Archers are cheaper than normal for the Huns, so they will likely make up a large part of a Hunnic army. Their Trebuchets are more accurate than those of other civilizations, which aids them in destroying enemy buildings or siege weapons from a distance. The Huns' faster stables allow them to replace lost Paladins faster.

The Huns are one of the most powerful civilization in Deathmatch games, because as they don't need houses, all three of their starting villagers can be tasked with building military buildings.


Their infantry are weaker as they lack the Plate Mail Armor and Champion upgrades. In addition their siege weapons are somewhat lacking, missing the Onager and Heavy Scorpion upgrades. They are geared purely for offense. They have a pitiful defense that can be easily broken as they lack Guard Tower, Fortified Wall, and Hoardings. As such players should not spend resources on building defensive structures. Instead they should spend them on more units to constantly attack the enemy so they won't have the chance to attack in the first place.

They are short of gunpowder units, having only Cannon Galleons (which is removed in the Forgotten expansion), petards and Demolition Ships. Such situation would likely put the Huns in great disadvantage in facing a civilization with other gunpowder units. Being unable to research redemption would mean that the Huns can never convert any enemy Bombard Cannon. Being the only Old World civilization missing the Cannon Galleon in the Forgotten expansion is a critical weakness in maps where water is common, as this causes naval invasions to be much more difficult. If an opponent builds a large number of towers near a shore a naval attack is almost impossible.

While the Huns remain viable in the late game, they are generally very predictable as their only strong Imperial Age units are Paladins, Trebuchets and Heavy Cavalry Archers. This lack of flexibility in their army composition can easily put them at a disadvantage.

Strategy Edit

Huns are easily one of the most dangerous civilizations in the game, but they are also one of the hardest to use right. Due to not needing houses they have a more flexible start, and can boom without worrying about population blocks. They can easily fulfill most early game strategies, but become less versatile in the Imperial Age, so ending the game quickly is important.

Huns can do standard Dark Age rushing (drushing) and Feudal Age rushing (flushing). However, they are at their strongest in the Castle Age. Their cheap and powerful Cavalry Archers make for devastating raiders, with the range of an Archer and speed and durability of a Scout in one package. Due to their cost reduction, Huns can easily flood the opponent with Cavalry Archers and barely lose any. If micromanaged effectively a group of six to ten Cavalry Archers is nearly invincible if the foe is in the start of the Castle Age or end of the Feudal Age. So a the player must watch out for large numbers of Knights though, and keep Spears or Knights handy just in case.

In the Imperial Age, Huns mostly rely on Heavy Cavalry Archers and Paladins. Hunnic Trebuchets are more accurate, making them a good go-to Siege weapon.

Strategy changes in The ForgottenEdit

The Huns' new unique tech, Marauders, allows them to create Tarkans at the stable. This synergizes with their team bonus (Stables work 20% faster), meaning that the player can rapidly churn out large numbers of Tarkans. The cost bonus for their cavalry archers was reduced due to game balance issues. In addition, Treadmill Crane and Cannon Galleon have been removed.

Strategy Changes in The African KingdomsEdit

Marauders technology costs 200 less wood, making it easier for players to spawn Tarkans.


Huns are extremely good in team battles, due to the Cavalry Archers' ability to keep several different foes in check at once, if micromanaged well. They should play in the frontline position, since they are great rushers, and this will help the team keep pressure on the enemy.

The Hunnic team bonus (20% faster stables) is helpful for all civs that have buffs for the Stable units (Camels, Knights and Light Cavalry). This includes the Franks, Persians, Magyars, Byzantines, Mongols, Saracens, Indians, Berbers, Malians, and all Southeast Asian civilizations introduced in Rise of the Rajas (for that allow them to produce Battle Elephants quicker), as well as Burmese cavalry (horsemen and elephant mahouts alike) with Manipur Cavalry upgrade.

An allied Italian player is useful for Huns, because the Condottiero can fill their infantry weakness. The speed of Condottieri allows them to keep up with the cavalry. They are suitable for repelling enemy Halberdiers, and even Camels.

The Hunnic knight line benefits from the Frank and Persian team bonuses. The Mongol team bonus also synergizes nicely, bringing the Light Cavalry more line of sight. This is especially helpful in a combined Cavalry Archer/Light Cavalry rush. The Briton team bonus (20% faster archer range) also aids the Huns' Cavalry Archer production.The Berber team bonus (Genitour available at archery range) is great for the Huns, because it provides them with a fast ranged support unit that they get at a discount.

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