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Horns of Consecration

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Horns of Consecration
Location Town Center
Age Heroic Age
Cost 200 Gold
Time 30

Horns of Consecration is an Atlantean Myth Technology in Age of Mythology: The Titans. It is available to worshippers of Rheia and increases the rate at which controlled Settlements accumulate Favor.

Effect Edit

  • Town Centers accumulate Favor 10% faster

Mythology Edit

The Titan Rheia was the mother of Zeus and other Olympians. She was an earth goddess and surrounded herself with wild creatures. While she is usually associated with lions, like those which pulled her chariot, the Minoans worshipped her, with other gods, with rites and rituals involving bulls. The Minoans consecrated their buildings by decorating them with sculpted representations of horned bulls. These decorations were thought to please the gods.

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