Age of Empires - Hill Country

Hill Country is a map that appears in Age of Empires: The Rise of Rome.

Overview Edit

Hill Country is a landlocked map, as there are not even ponds, so fishing and naval battle are completely out of the question, making this an excellent map for civilizations with a weaker navy.

Wood here is mostly found in temperate forests (and some palm forests). The notable feature of this map is the elevation, with many rolling, grassy hills. Apart from that, there are also some rough, rocky cliffs that provide chokepoints. Depending on the starting position of the player, it might or might not be a good idea to turtle, mostly by walling the chokepoints with nearby forests.

Otherwise (if a player isn't privileged with these chokepoints), it is recommended to rush, especially with cavalry, as the map can prove occasionally to be surprisngly open for a hilly land.

Similar Maps Edit

  • Mongolia (the AoEII version, a landlocked map with hills)
  • Arabia (another landlocked map; similar playstyle, if a player cannot turtle)
  • Highland (another landlocked map from Age of Empires)

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