Highlander Icon
First AppearanceAge of Empires III
Heavy Infantry
Cost200 Coin Icon coin
Age AvailableAges fortress Fortress Age
Base Hit Points400
Pop. Use2
Resists40% vs. Hand
Melee Damage32
Melee Multipliersx2.0 vs. Cavalry
x1.5 vs. Light Infantry
Range Damage63
Siege Damage40
Siege Range6
R.O.F.1.5 / 3.0 (Ranged and Siege)
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A Highlander is a powerful Scottish mercenary that is featured in Age of Empires III.

Overview Edit

The Highlander is a ranged infantry unit that uses a musket and is a stronger version of the Musketeer. The Highlander can be shipped from the Home City or trained in the Saloon. In some scenarios for the campaign Act I: Blood, a number of Highlanders, while they cannot be trained by Knights of St. John, accompany the knights (most likely because of the presence of Scottish knight hero Morgan Black). Like the Musketeer, Highlanders are solid ranged units that are effective against cavalry and decent against heavy infantry. Highlanders are more effective against infantry than their counterparts simply because they have such high damage, though they are still vulnerable to light infantry and artillery who outrange them. They are also relatively effective against buildings.

The British can send out eight Highlanders called Black Watch from the Church if the Church card is sent out for a cost of 1000 Food. Any Highlanders sent from the Home City or trained at the Saloon (The Warchiefs) by the player will be renamed as Black Watch.

Shipments Edit

History Edit

"The Highlanders were clansmen warriors and soldiers from the highlands of Scotland. A group of Highlanders raised in 1745 under the banner of Prince Charles Edward Stuart, also known as Bonnie Prince Charles or the Young Pretender, fought against English royalist armies with the goal of restoring the Scottish line of kings (the Stuarts) to the throne of England. They were ultimately unsuccessful and many highlanders scattered to mainland Europe and America to escape the ruthless oppression of the Scottish Highlands. In their new homes, regiments of these Scotsmen fought as part of other armies.

Highlanders carried swords, daggers and rifles. They wore kilts, bonnets (a seamless and brimless woolen cap typically with a strip of tartan around the headband) and double-breasted coats.

Gallery Edit

In-game dialogue language Edit

The Highlanders speak Scottish Gaelic, a Celtic language. Morgan Black also speaks these words.

  • Seadh? (Yes?)
  • Deiseil (Ready)
  • Dé'n t-òrdugh? (What is your order?)
  • Tha mi a'tuigsinn (I understand)
  • Nì mi sin (I'll do that)
  • Mi cuir an seo 'ghas' (?) (I will go here)
  • Ionnsaigh! (Attack!)
  • Gu blàr! (To battle!)
  • Seadh, dèan mi seasamh! (Yes, standing!)

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