Highland is a random map found in Age of Empires, Age of Empires II and Age of Mythology: The Titans.

Age of Empires Edit

Highland - AoE

AoE Highland map, 4-player match.

Highland is one of just two landlocked maps in Age of Empires, the other being Hill Country, introduced in Rise of Rome. There are not even ponds on this map, so fishing and naval war are completely out of the question.

What sets this map apart from Hill Country is the layout of forests; they are more abundant, but also tend to be more asymmetrical, a fact that may make Turtling tactics unilateral, as a player may have more abundant chokepoints, including rough cliffs. Any other player with fewer chokepoints should rush instead, similarly to Arabia.

Age of Empires II Edit

Highland AoEII

An AoE II Highland map with four players

Far from the ocean and heavily forested but with plenty of rivers and open space for maneuvers. - Map description

Highland features a cliffed, highly forested land, with one or more rivers traversing the region. While the map usually features multiple rivers when many players have joined a game, it's not unheard to have 4-player games, but a single river.

Either way, fish live in the rivers (the species present are Salmon). Also, these same rivers feature multiple shallows, from where land units may access the other players' parts of the map. Occasionally, two portions of the map, normally divided by rivers, may be slightly connected by land.

It is not recommended to wall these, as players may pragmatically choose to build Docks and embark armies with Transport Ships instead. Rushing tactics work fine on this map, though turtling tactics can also prove to be useful, thanks to the forests there.

Civilizations that are efficient both on land and sea tend to fare better at this map, such as the Spanish and the Koreans. Naval civilizations, such as the Malay and the Vikings can also be a neat choice, if they boom and abuse their naval strengths.

Age of Mythology: The Titans Edit


Highland icon in Random Map menu, showing a map with four players.

Grassy hills separated by rivers with defensive narrow crossings. - Map description

In Age of Mythology, Highland has a similar layout to the Erebus random map, but with more abundant resources on grass terrain. Instead of lava, players are separated by pools of water that may contain fish. Players must maintain control of these ponds to keep enemies from entering their territory and to have a constant supply of food. This can be accomplished by either walling off the narrow passages between ponds and/or building a powerful navy to fend off enemy troops. Building defensive structures will also play an important part on this map as their arrows will do heavy damage to enemy ships as well as any other unit. If there are more than two players present, the central pond becomes larger and it may support a small island at its center with additional resources.

Major gods that have the upper hand on this map will include those who benefit from the abundance of animals such as Set and Odin, as well as defensive Gods such as Hades, Isis, and Shennong. Gaia players can use the Gaia Forest God Power to seal off the passes with a near impenetrable wall of trees, forcing enemies to either take a longer route around or send their worker units dangerously close to enemy territory in order to cut it down.

Environment Edit

As a Norse map, Cows are the herdable found throughout the map. There are also Deer, Crowned Cranes, and Aurochs for worker units to hunt, but they must careful not to cross paths with Bears. Very rarely, Water Buffalos might also be included.

In cases where fish are present, these are Salmon. Forests included are composed of oaks and pines.

Similar Maps Edit

Trivia Edit

  • This is the second non-African map with Crowned Cranes, the other two being Marsh and Old Atlantis.

Gallery Edit

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