Hieracosphinx is an Egyptian myth technology in Age of Mythology, available to worshipers of Bast. It is a second upgrade to the Sphinx, and requires Criosphinx to be researched first. It turns the Criosphinx into the Hieracosphinx, which is faster and has more hack and crush attack.

Effects Edit

  • Sphinx +20% speed
  • Sphinx +20% hack attack
  • Sphinx +50% crush attack

Strategy Edit

This technology is a vital asset to Egyptian players in the Classical Age, further improving the already formidable Sphinx's speed and attack. Worshipping Bast is only available to Isis and Ra players. In some versions of the game, the cost of this technology varies; Isis followers pay 360 Wood and 10 Favor, while followers of Ra pay the standard 200 Wood and 10 Favor.

Mythology Edit

Instead of a human head, the Hieracosphinx has the fierce head of a hawk, a nasty disposition and a razor-sharp beak – all the better to eviscerate those who cannot answer its riddles. It is a much more aggressive and pitiless Sphinx than its more peaceable cousins, the Criosphinx and Androsphinx.

“Say, sirrah, hast thou ever proved thyself a prophet? When the riddling Sphinx was here why hadst thou no deliverance for this folk?”

-- Oedipus, Oedipus Rex

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