Civilization Greek
Age/God Mythic Age/Poseidon
Unit Type Cavalry
Cost 50 Food,81 Gold
Population 3
Attack Hack Pierce Crush
8 - -
Range 0 feet
Hit Points 110
Armour Hack Pierce Crush
10% 40% 99%
Speed 4.8 feet/second
Line of Sight 16 feet
Train at Fortress /
Train Time 17 seconds

The Hetairoi is a Greek cavalry unit in Age of Mythology. It is trained at the Fortress and Stable (The Titans), and is the unique unit for Poseidon.

Attack Bonus Edit

  • Buildings: x3.5

God Bonuses and Upgrades Edit

General Edit

Poseidon reduces food and gold cost by 10%

Strategy Edit

Hetairoi are most notable for their large attack bonus against buildings, which makes them into a semi-siege unit. In small groups, they are able to destroy buildings then quickly make their escape, something that conventional siege units cannot hope to do. They also have good pierce armor, meaning they can be used against archers and siege weapons. In addition, if Beast Slayer is researched, Hetairoi can make an impact on Myth Units as well. This versatility, and their relative cheapness, makes Hetairoi a very viable option for Poseidon players in the Mythic Age.

Hetairoi are however slower than other cavalry and have fewer hit points. They have a lower base attack than Hippikons, so they are not as good in general combat, especially against infantry.

Name Edit

"The nobility of Macedon prior to Philip and Alexander were the patriarchal heads of tribes and estates called the Hetairoi. They prided themselves on their horsemanship and made up one of the elite units in the Macedonian army, the king’s Companions. Without the benefit of a stirrup, these mounted spearmen were still very effective in battle. Alexander personally lead his Companions in several critical charges that won battles during his epic march of world conquest."

In-game history section

'Hetairoi' comes from the Greek ἑταῖροι, meaning 'companions'. This word is plural, and the technically correct name for this unit is the singular, 'hetairos' (or 'hetaeros').

Trivia Edit

  • Despite historically being a lancer, and one of the greatest cavalry of the Ancient World, the Hetairoi are weaker in attack and health than Hippikons.

Gallery Edit

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