Hero Hector

The Hero Hector

A Hero is a special unit, typically a named historical or mythological figure. Heroes are not available in random-map games, but often appear in campaign scenarios and sometimes as "must-survive" heroes; that is, the game is lost if that unit is killed.

Age of Empires Edit

Hero Name Bio Appearance Sprite Civilization
Cleopatra's Barge Appears in the Actium scenario. The player needs to destroy it to win (along with destroying Egyptian and Roman Town Centers) Trireme Egyptians (Age of Empires)
Hero Alexander Appears in the Glory of Greece campaign, under the player's command Heavy Cavalry Greek
Hero Archimedes Appears in the Syracuse scenario. Must survive Priest Greek
Hero Caesar Appears in the Ave Caesar campaign. He need to survive all four campaigns (Objectives). Heavy Cavalry Romans
Hero Colis No campaign appearances Villager Any
Hero Hannibal Appears in the Crossing the Alps scenario. He and two armored elephants must cross the Alps (signalled with blue flags). War Elephant Carthaginians
Hero Hector Appears in the Trojan War scenario. Must be defeated in order to complete the scenario Heavy Cavalry Greeks
Hero Herisfon No campaign appearances Villager Any
Hero Jason Appears in the Siege of Athens scenario Khopeshman


Hero Perseus Appears in the The Assassins scenario Composite Bowman Greek
Hero Tiberius No campaign appearances Chariot Romans
Hero Xerxes Appears in the The Assassins and Xenophon's March scenarios. In the former, he must be killed, while in the second, he guards an artifact Short Swordsman Persians/Shang
Mirror Tower Appears in the Syracuse scenario Ballista Tower Greeks
Zenobia's Tower No campaign appearances Ballista Tower Palmyrans

Age of Empires II Edit

Starting with Age of Empires II: The Conquerors, heroes have the ability to regenerate and are immune to conversion.

Main article: Heroes (Age of Empires II)

Age of Mythology Edit

In Age of Mythology, heroes are a core unit type and serve primarily as a counter to myth units.

Main article: Hero (Age of Mythology)

Age of Empires III Edit

In the Age of Empires III, the Explorer functions as a hero unit and it cannot be killed.

Campaign Edit

Hero Name Game Act Icon
Amelia Black Original Act III: Steel
Alain Magnan Original Act I: Blood
Bahadur Shah Asian Dynasties Act III: India
Billy Holme WarChiefs Act II: Shadow
Chayton Black WarChiefs Act II: Shadow
Crazy Horse WarChiefs Act II: Shadow
Elisabet Ramsey Original Act I: Blood
George Armstrong Custer WarChiefs Act II: Shadow
George Edwardson Asian Dynasties Act III: India
George Washington


Act II: Ice

Huang Jian Asian Dynasties

Act II: China

John Black Original

Act II: Ice



Act II: Ice/Act III: Steel

Lao Chen Asian Dynasties

Act II: China

Lizzie's Flagship Original Act I: Blood
Morgan Black Original

Act I: Blood/Act III: Steel

Morgan's Flagship Original Act I: Blood
Nanib Sahir Asian Dynasties Act III: India
Nathaniel Black WarChiefs Act I: Fire


Act I: Fire
Pierre Beaumont Original Act III: Steel
Pravar Patel Asian Dynasties Act III: India
Ryan Cooper Original Act III: Steel
Sahin The Falcon Original Act I: Blood
Sakuma Kichiro Asian Dynasties Act I: Japan
Stuart Black Original Act II: Ice
Sven Kuechler WarChiefs Act I: Fire
Tokugawa Ieyasu Asian Dynasties Act I: Japan
Torii Mototada Asian Dynasties Act I: Japan
Wang Jinhai Asian Dynasties Act II: China
Warwick Original Act II: Ice

Non-Campaign Edit

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