This article is about the the unit featured in Age of Empires. For other uses, see Heavy Cavalry (disambiguation).
Heavy Cavalry
Heavy cavalry
AgeIron Age
Trained at Stable
Cost70 Food,
80 Gold
Rate of FireFast
Upgraded FromCavalaria Cavalry
Upgraded ToCataphract Cataphract
Cost to Upgrade2000 Food
900 Gold
The Heavy Cavalry is a powerful cavalry unit that is featured in Age of Empires. The Heavy Cavalry is an upgrade of the cavalry, so it is much stronger in attack and has more armor. It is available once the Iron Age is reached. Heavy Cavalry can be upgraded into the Cataphract at the same age for 2000 Food and 900 Gold once Metallurgy is researched.


Heavy Cavalry deals a +5 damage bonus against all melee infantry units except for Academy units. Thus, it can eliminate foot soldiers and Catapults very quickly, but are rather ineffective against Centurions, War Elephants, Ballistae and the Helepolises.


Tool Age Edit

Bronze Age Edit

Iron Age Edit

Unit Evolution: Cavalry

Cavalry Heavy Cavalry Cataphract

Civilization BonusesEdit

  • Macedonians: Heavy Cavalry have +2 line of sight and are four times resistant to conversion.
  • Yamato: Heavy Cavalry cost 25% fewer resources.


"Heavy cavalry was distinguished from other cavalry by equipment and battlefield role. It was considered heavy because the warriors and horses usually wore some metal armor, including breastplates, helmets, and greaves. The horses were also oversized to more easily carry an armored man and to intimidate foes. While most cavalry acted as skirmishers and scouts on the battlefield, heavy cavalry was a shock weapon, held back for the proper moment to charge into enemy formations and ride them down. Heavy cavalry was rare in antiquity because the saddle and stirrup had not yet been invented. It took an exceptional rider to ride into a shock battle and use a lance effectively. The most famous heavy cavalry of the time was the Companion cavalry of Alexander the Great. These men were horsemen from birth on the plains of Thessaly and Macedon. Part of their devastating success in battle against the Persians may have been due to the novelty of their wedge-shaped charges, unprecedented at that time."

Gallery Edit

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