Heart of the Titans
Heart of the Titans
Introduced in The Titans
Culture Atlanteans
Major God KronosIcon Kronos
OranosIcon Oranos
Age ClassicalAge Classical Age
Minor God PrometheusIcon Prometheus
Researched At TempleAOMIcon Temple
Research Time 30 seconds
Research Cost
GoldAOM Gold 200
FavorAOM Favor 20
Effect Hero transformations cost 20% less Wood, Food and Gold.

Heart of the Titans is an Atlantean myth technology in Age of Mythology: The Titans. It is available to worshipers of Prometheus and reduces the cost of turning units into Heroes.

Effects Edit

  • Hero transformations cost 20% less Wood, Food and Gold.

Mythology Edit

The Titan Prometheus, god of daring thoughts, loved his creations - humankind. He sought always to make their troubled lives better, even in spite of other gods at times. He even bestowed upon his favorite mortals the secrets of the Titans, giving birth to a line of heroes who would rattle the foundations of Olympus.

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