Healing Spring is a Classical Age god power in Age of Mythology, available to Forseti. It creates a healing spring which heals any idle friendly units within range at a rate of 2.5 HP/second (4 HP per second in the Extended Edition. Also, non-idle/active units heal at 1/10 of the idle ones.

The spring is indestructible, but can be captured by the enemy if they surround it with their units.

Strategy Edit

It is a very effective way of healing, as it can heal multiple units at a time, and unlike Restoration, is a permanent fixture. It should be placed close to the front lines so combat units can heal immediately after combat, but not close enough for it to be easily captured by the enemy. It is also good idea to guard the Healing Spring with defensive structures.

Note: Due to what one can only assume is a bug in the unit-information file, the Healing Spring can be deconstructed using the Deconstruction god power. The spring's owner does not receive compensation in any way (resources, ability to recast the power, etc.) and any units being healed by the spring at the time of it deconstruction will continue being healed by the removed spring (the heavenly light remains as well) for the duration of that unit's lifespan.

Trivia Edit

  • Originally the Healing Spring was a Geyser surrounded by a Spring.
    • Some of its assets were most likely reused for Geyser.

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