Hands of the Pharaoh
Location Temple
Age Archaic Age
Cost 75 Gold
Time 15

Hands of the Pharaoh is an Egyptian technology in Age of Mythology: The Titans. It enables Priests to pick up Relics, just like any other hero. It also increases their range and Line of Sight.

In the original Age of Mythology game, the Egyptians could only use their Pharaoh to collect Relics, while other cultures could send out several heroes for this purpose. Hands of the Pharaoh lets players use their Priests, leaving the Pharaoh free to empower or heal.

Effects Edit

  • Priests are able to pick up relics
  • Priests +2 range and +2 LOS.

History Edit

Some treasures of the ancient world were so sacred that it was forbidden for anyone to touch them except the Pharaohs. But there were times when a particularly enlightened Pharaoh would grant his most loyal servants the right to bear these wondrous relics to their new places of rest.

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