Hall of Thanes
Hall of Thanes
Introduced in Age of Mythology
Culture Norse
Major god ThorIcon Thor
LokiIcon Loki
Age ClassicalAge Classical Age
Minor god ForsetiIcon Forseti
Researched at TempleAOMIcon Temple
Longhouse icon Longhouse
Research time 40 seconds
Research cost
WoodAOM Wood 300
FavorAOM Favor 10
Effect Hersirs +10% hit points, +25% speed

Hall of Thanes is a Norse technology in Age of Mythology. It is available to worshipers of Forseti and affects Hersir speed and hit points.

Effects Edit

  • Hersir +10% hit points
  • Hersir +25% speed

History Edit

The Hall was a center of social interaction for the Norse, especially Norse rulers. They gathered there, held court, ate, told stories, drank beer. It was a display of a king's, or thane's, wealth if he had a splendidly decorated hall.

"I was nurtured
in the kingly hall,
I was the joy of many
in the council of men.
Life I enjoyed,
and my father's wealth,
five winters only,
while my father lived."
The Poetic Eddas, Oddrun's Lament

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