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Gunpowder Units are a branch of ranged units in the later games of the Age of Empires series which utilizes gunpowder and chemicals to fire projectiles instead of using traditional bow-like weaponry. In Age of Empires II, they serve as powerful ranged units available only in the later stages of the game. In Age of Empires III, Ensemble Studios expanded the role of gunpowder units.

Age of Empires IIEdit


All gunpowder units in The African Kingdoms

The gunpowder units are a group of powerful units in Age of Empires II available in the Imperial Age. In order to create any of the non-unique gunpowder units, Chemistry must first be researched at the University.

Despite being gunpowder units, Janissaries, Conquistadors, Organ Guns, and Turtle Ships can be trained in the Castle Age without the need to research Chemistry.

The full list of all gunpowder units in the game:

Unit Trained at Description
Hand Cannoneer Archery Range Anti-infantry foot soldier
Bombard Cannon Siege Workshop Siege weapon with a long range
(Elite) Cannon Galleon Dock Ship with a long range, best used against buildings
Turtle Ship Dock Korean unique unit, heavily armored ship with a high attack
Janissary Castle Turkish unique unit, foot soldier with long range
Conquistador Castle Spanish unique unit, mounted unit with high armor
Organ Gun Castle Portuguese unique unit, siege unit that is effective against other units

Despite not being a unit, the Bombard Tower is usually listed amongst gunpowder units.

Age of Empires III Edit

In Age of Empires III, the gunpowder Units are very common since the game is ambiented between the Age of discovery and the early Industrial Age. Arquebus, pistols and muskets in that period were standard weapons for the armies in that period, practically all civilizations in this game have at least one unit that uses a Gunpowder weapon, with the exception of the Aztecs.

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